Will a Traffic Ticket Impact my CDL?

Driving is your job when you have a commercial driver’s license. This makes it incredibly important that you keep your CDL in good standing and avoid traffic tickets.

If you have too many tickets or you get a ticket for a serious offense, then you could lose your CDL privileges. It is essential that you are aware of the impact a ticket can have so that you can protect your CDL.

Serious Issues

The most impactful traffic tickets will be those for more severe charges. For example, tickets for reckless operation or a DUI will cause more serious consequences than tickets for minor speeding infractions.

Even more important to understand is that some offenses will result in a loss of your CDL for life, according to AllTrucking.com. These are the most serious offenses:

  • Commission of a felony using your commercial vehicle
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Driving with a BAC over a certain limit

Also, keep in mind that your tickets add up. One ticket for speeding isn’t usually a serious issue, but if you keep getting tickets and have multiple ones within a specific period, then that could be a problem. The court will likely issue more severe penalties, which could include suspending your CDL.

It is incredibly important to take a traffic ticket seriously regardless of what it is. You may want to consult with CDL traffic ticket lawyers to see what your options are and what your next move should be.

A Note of Caution

While getting a traffic ticket while driving a commercial vehicle can impact your CDL, you also should note that some traffic tickets you receive when driving your personal vehicle could also cause you trouble. You are still driving on your CDL even when you are not in a commercial vehicle, so you need to continue good driving habits no matter what vehicle you are in.

In some cases, though, tickets in your personal vehicle will not represent issues with your ability to drive a truck. NOLO explains laws may distinguish between them, and you may not face the same penalties as you would if you were in a commercial vehicle.  

Job Impact

Obviously, losing your license will impact your ability to drive for your job. Having a bad driving record can also make it difficult to get jobs in the future. This is why you should mount a case for every traffic ticket you get.

Fight Tickets

Your best bet when getting a traffic ticket is to take it seriously. You should never just admit guilt and pay a fine because the impact could be far-reaching. Take time to see how a ticket could impact your CDL and then decide how you will handle it.