Finding a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured at work and are unable to return to work or have difficulty getting medical treatment, consider consulting an attorney. However, don’t just search “workers compensation lawyer Portland OR.” Instead, use these tips to find a great attorney.

Practice Focus

As you speak with attorneys, ask them the percentage of their practice that is focused on workers’ compensation cases. No lawyer has to work on these cases all the time, but you want someone well-versed in these laws and how to win these cases. You want someone who is current with the new laws and has won their fair share of cases. Search for someone who has been in the industry for some time.

In addition, you want legal counsel that has knowledge of and experience in your field. Although field experience may not be absolutely necessary, someone with this knowledge will understand your circumstances, the reason for your injury and other parts of your case better than someone who has no experience in your industry.


Ask for a meeting (consultation). Find an attorney that does not charge for your initial consultation. During these meetings, discuss your case with your prospective attorneys. Focus on the facts and bring your documentation, including medical records, the initial injury report, any follow-up reports on the injury, your claim’s status and your personnel file.

Ask questions about the process and the attorneys’ estimation of your case and your legal options. Then, ask when you should expect to receive updates and the firm’s preferred communication methods.


Be observant. Was the office orderly and clean, or run down and cluttered? Focus on how you are treated. Were you rushed through, or did the lawyer spend enough time with you to understand the nuances of your case, and were you treated with respect? Did the attorney appear confident about winning your case?

What kind of time will the counselor spend on your case? Find out if you will have a team working with you or just a single attorney. Learn about the firms’ resources and whether they can handle your case.


Ask the attorney about their fees. Most attorneys will take a portion of your settlement as their payment, but this does not typically cover legal fees. Many attorneys don’t charge if they lose but ask your prospects before signing anything.  

Most workers’ compensation recipients receive much higher settlements when they hire an attorney. However, focus on hiring the right attorney. For example, choose an attorney with a strong reputation who has the resources to try your case properly and is easy to work with.