28 February 2022



Today, 28 February 2022, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela H.E. Nicolás Maduro Moros, addressed the President and the Committee Members of the 49th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council.

In his speech, the President spoke of the physical assaults and violation of human rights used against the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, who was illegally extradited to face charges of money laundering in the U.S. from Cape Verde on 16 October 2021.

The President highlighted that “Ambassador Alex Saab was illegally kidnapped in June 2020 in Cape Verde while on an official mission to bring food and medicine to Venezuela. On October 16, 2021, he was kidnapped by a group of U.S. military personnel and illegally taken from Cape Verde to the state of Florida.”

This is a powerful endorsement from the government of Venezuela in support of its Special Envoy, and will underline in an emphatic way that Alex Saab retains the full and unqualified support of President Maduro and his colleagues.

President Maduro went on to comment on the ruling of the leading West African human rights court which twice ruled that Alex Saab must be freed and the extradition process against him be terminated “Despite the clear and categorical ruling of the Court of ECOWAS (the Economical Community of West African States), which ordered his immediate release. His diplomatic immunity, his human rights and his own physical integrity were cruelly and systematically violated. His trial in a U.S. court is plagued by serious flaws and aberrant distortions.”

The President ended his remarks highlighting the key role to be played by Alex Saab in the Mexico Dialogue between his government and the Venezuelan opposition by saying “By the end of 2021, Diplomat Alex Saab was appointed an official and permanent representative of the Venezuelan Government at the Dialogue Table in Mexico. The Dialogue table between the constitutional government which I preside over, and the different sectors of the Venezuelan opposition.

Consequently, his second kidnapping and his illegal extraction to the United States was a deliberate and cruel blow to the development and continuity of the dialogue and peace process taking place in Mexico.”



What To Do if Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Was Denied in Ohio

If you’ve been injured on the job, there is a good chance that you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. However, most employers will do what they can to prevent paying out benefits to injured employees. Sometimes, this means that your claim is denied. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to understand what you can do to fight the denial.

File an Appeal

You’ll receive written notice from the Bureau of Workers’ Compsensation if your claim is denied. You’ll usually have 14 days to file an appeal. You must do so in writing. You can choose to use the Notice of Appeal (IC-12) form or to provide the BWC with written documentation noting that you are filing an appeal.

The appeal must include your name, the name of your employer, your workers’ compensation claim number, the date of the order that you’re appealing, and why you are appealing the decision. After you provide the necessary information, you’ll need to sign and date it, then mail or fax the appeal. You can also return it in person to the BWC’s customer service office.

Hire an Attorney

Ideally, you’ll have hired an attorney to help you with workers compensation Mentor OH as soon as you were injured on the job. The second-best time to hire an attorney is now. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you in a number of ways. He or she can help you file your appeal on time, ensure you fill out all the forms correctly, and perhaps most importantly, accompany you to your appeal hearing. When you show up to your hearing with an attorney it shows that you mean business. Additionally, because a lawyer is used to being in front of judges, employers, and insurance providers, he or she can help you decipher legal jargon and help you to negotiate the best terms for your situation. 

When appealing a workers’ compensation claim, always work with a reputable attorney. Look for someone who is licensed, has strong reviews, and is experienced in workers’ compensation cases.

Why Estate Planning Is a Good Idea

Estate planning may be the furthest thing in the minds of many people. It’s understandable with more pressing things such as caring for your family, working your job, or tending to your business. Even today with all that is pressing around the world and with costs rising faster than our incomes, gaining some working knowledge of the benefits of estate planning may be a good idea.

If you agree, contact estate planning Clemson SC. There is no time like the present to gather facts and knowledge.

Estate Planning 101

A large number of important subject areas for individuals and families are handled by estate planners. Estate planning considers how assets will be preserved, protected, and distributed after death. Estate planning also provides for the management of assets, properties, and financial obligations in the event of serious incapacitation.

Some of the main components of estate planning include:

  • Creation of Wills
  • Establishing of Trusts
  • Arranging for Funerals
  • Naming of Beneficiaries and Executors
  • Establishing a Durable Power of Attorney
  • Creation of Legal Tax Avoidance Strategies

When gearing up to make initial contact with an estate planner, it makes good sense to establish an overview of your particular situation. Make an inventory of all your belongings and financial accounts. Plan out what you would like for your family upon your passing. Determine what additional directives you may need other than a will. Finally, review your beneficiaries.

Work with a Professional

Because the general area of estate planning is covered by numerous laws, some of which you may be only peripherally aware of, it is best to work with a professional estate planner. This is especially true if you may have a large or complex estate or if you have particular situations such as special-needs children. Also, after your plan is made, review it periodically as life events change. 


2 Most Popular Legal Services

Legal services are something most people do not want to need but require nonetheless. Thankfully, there are many options available for those in need of comprehensive legal services. Before you dive into services, you need to know what services are offered in the industry. Here are the top two most popular legal services.

The most popular type of legal service in the industry today is civil family processing. Civil family processing is the informal term that references a slew of services regarding deceased family members and interfamily disputes over money or property. These services can be incredibly helpful if you are dealing with the squabbles of irritated family members overcome with greed after a loved one’s death. In addition to legal support, it may be helpful to hire litigation advice Creve Coeur MO. By hiring litigation services, you can protect your family from all the drama that occurs after a loved ones’ passing, when it comes time to interpret their will, and divvy up the allocated assets among the family.

Another popular type of legal service is copyright services. Copyright is a set of rules that prohibit the theft of intellectual property. This can include music, media, or general bits of knowledge created and trademarked by a business for protection. Copyright law is essential in ensuring that what you created remains in your possession, and as such is a complicated process that often involves legal assistance. Online guides can help you determine whether a copyright lawsuit is the right choice for you.

These are the top two most common types of legal services you may require as a functioning adult or business owner in society today. There are many other types of legal services, and the world of law is vast and specific. Continue to learn more about the world of law by visiting many websites.

How To Choose an Executor

The executor of your estate is the person who takes care of your property and assets after you die. You name the executor in your will, and it is really important that the person you choose is up to the job. Here are some tips on choosing an executor. 

You Don’t Need To Choose a Financial Expert

If the person you want to serve as your executor has some experience with estate administration Ridgewood NJ, that can be helpful. However, it is not required. It is more important that the person is organized and can exercise common sense, which might mean consulting a professional if necessary. 

You Should Choose Someone Who Is Mature and Healthy

While the laws may vary by state, generally an executor has to be at least 18 years old in order to serve. Otherwise, there are no age limits. Nevertheless, you should take the person’s age into consideration. An 18-year-old may legally be an adult but may not have the necessary maturity to handle the job. A person who is already in their 60s or 70s may have the necessary maturity but may not be available to serve when needed. Choose someone who is mature and likely to outlive you. If you are concerned about the executor not being available, you can appoint a backup. 

Aim To Avoid Family Conflict

In many places, there is no law against choosing family members as executors. However, you may want to reconsider this decision. Unfortunately, conflict among relatives is very common after a death in the family. It may be easier for relatives to accept your decisions if they come from someone outside the family who doesn’t have anything to gain. 

A will is not an irrevocable document. It can be changed or updated as many times as you need. Therefore, you should check in with your chosen executor periodically and ask whether he or she is still willing to serve. If not, then pick someone else.