Reports From Court

If you have ever been to court, then you have probably seen someone typing next to the jury box or near where the judge sits. This is a court reporter, and the person is responsible for making sure everything that is said or done in court is accurately recorded. Companies like offer courses for those who want to be a court reporter. The process involves a lot of work learning about how to type on a computer and take notes.

There are a few other benefits of a court reporter. If you ever need information about a specific case, you will be able to look at the records to see what was said by the judge as it relates to the sentencing. A reporter is also helpful if there is an official who needs information about the defenses used in the case or the stipulations made with the sentence in regards to paying money or community service. The reports made serve as a record of the day’s events in the courtroom. It is a benefit for federal officers who need to review a case months or years later to see what was said by each party in the event someone has questions or tries to bring the same charges.