Domestic Assault and Battery In Massachusetts

Massachusetts is treating domestic violence crimes very seriously and the police is quick to respond when allegations of domestic assault occur. The first thing police officers will do is make an arrest and remove the person from the location to avoid escalation of conflict. This is the best way to avoid tragedy and the best way for the police to avoid being responsible if something happens. Domestic assault and battery in Massachusetts includes everything from psychological and physical abuse, harassment and threats.

When And How Domestic Assault And Battery In Massachusetts Occurs

If the abuse occurs between any of the family members or individuals who are in an intimate relationship, one call to 911 will be enough for the police to react. If someone is in fear of harm or is being hurt, the police will immediately question both sides. More often than not, these cases end up with a swearing contest and the person who gets too angry calls the police and accuses the other side for assault. No physical injury is needed for the police to make an arrest.

Of course, it can also happen that one individual is seriously hurt and needs immediate medical attention. In that case, the police won’t question both sides, they will make an arrest and charges will be filed. Prosecutors will seriously approach cases like this and once the charges are filed, there is no going back. Even if the victim wants to drop the charges, that won’t happen. A new law says that domestic assault and battery in Massachusetts can not be dropped, not if the district attorney says so. This is because the victim could be influenced by the domestic partner.

Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer Is A Must

For the reasons stated above, you will need a legal representative to help you. You need someone who knows how to deal with these cases as it is almost impossible to have the charges dropped. Only an experienced and informed Massachusetts criminal lawyer will know how to free the district attorney’s hands so he will be able to drop the charges.

In case there’s no room for such actions, your lawyer will be able to analyze the case and read the police report in order to file motions that can get you off the hook. Anything that can reduce the potential penalty will help and any move that can be made for you to not get convicted will be made by an experienced Massachusetts criminal lawyer. You want someone who knows how to handle a case like yours, someone who knows how to fight for your legal rights and use any means necessary to help you.