All About Being a Criminal Lawyer

If you as an individual, an organisation or an entity are charged with a crime, you need to look for a criminal lawyer to defend your case. Criminal lawyers are also recognised as public defenders or criminal defence lawyers. They handle many different criminal cases starting from a crime related to domestic violence, theft, sex crimes, fraud, embezzlement, violent crimes, driving under influence (DUI) to drug crimes. Their job is interesting but full of challenges as well. If u want to become a criminal lawyer, then you need to obtain a law degree like all other lawyers and clear the bar examination in that particular state in which you want to practice law.


A criminal lawyer represents his client facing criminal offence charges. Their job involves bail bond hearings, trials, revocation hearings, plea bargains, post conviction remedies and appeals. A criminal lawyer has to investigate his case and take interviews and statements of the witnesses. He needs to build up his defence and a case strategy. He would also need to research statutes, case laws, procedural laws and crimes code. He has to develop a strong case to advocate for his client at the trial. He has to have his facts right to plea bargain and to negotiate for lesser charges with the prosecution. He needs to file, draft and argue the notions.


A criminal lawyer should be well prepared and be confident enough to present his case in the court before the judge. He should have remarkably good written and oral advocacy skills. In order to establish a strong defence he should have done his investigations and researches in advance. Their work involves meeting up with their clients beyond office hours and often travel for details.

For a criminal lawyer it is necessary to think creatively and analyse the information to litigate a complex case, or use case laws and develop a strong legal strategy. They should be aware of all the minute details and every related rule concerning the state, federal and local courts. He has to perceive their procedures and evidentiary laws to understand the criminal justice system well.


To be successful in this field and to attain so much in depth knowledge, criminal lawyers generally work long hours and put in all the effort to achieve the maximum. Criminal lawyers often follow private practises or work for a solo firm. Some also opt to be associated with non profit agencies, or with government as public prosecutors. A criminal lawyers salary varies depending on the amount of practise and records of successful cases fought. Most lawyers employed in the law firms are usually highly paid.Most of the lawyers begin their careers as public defenders. Public prosecutors/ defenders are appointed by the court for those defendants who are not able to afford a lawyer otherwise. A law school helps the beginners to attain a trial experience and develops oral advocacy skills through mock trials in a stimulated setting. Criminal law is on an upward spiral. As the crime rates have increased, so has the need for criminal lawyers.


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