Why Expert Witnesses Are Important

The American trial system is brilliantly designed. Not only are defendants guaranteed a fair and speedy trial, but they are also entitled to legal representation that pledges to zealously defend their interests. One of the most important tools that both defense attorneys and prosecutors employ to make their cases is the use of expert witnesses.

Finding an Expert Witness

Essentially an expert witness is anyone who can provide litigation support Irvine CA by speaking about their profession with authority. For example, if a defendant maintains that weather played a part in an automobile accident, the prosecution may hire a meteorologist as an expert weather witness. They could talk about the weather conditions on the day in question, the likelihood of ice forming on roads, or visibility issues. Basically, if you are an accredited professional in your field, you qualify to be an expert witness.

Breaking Down Complicated Concepts

The most important service an expert witness provides is breaking down concepts that may be difficult to understand for jurors. They can explain in layman’s terms highly technical or specialized jargon. For example, if a defendant is charged with committing online identity theft, a computer programmer might be brought in to explain how they used code and programs to obtain the plaintiff’s information.

Answering Questions From Both Sides

While expert witnesses are hired and paid by either the defense or the prosecution, they are sworn to give objective testimony and answer questions honestly. This may mean that they must make statements that harm the case of the side that hired them, but this helps juries get an unbiased look at the case. Seasoned expert witnesses know to stick to the facts and let the lawyers provide the spin.

Expert witnesses are crucial to the integrity and efficacy of the American legal system. They come from all fields and all walks of life, providing insight into their professions.