What Lawyers Can Do to Feel Better

One of my fellow lawyers Lisa is really conscious about her body. She is an excellent and successful lawyer, but when we meet her after work, we can feel the insecurity she exudes about her body image. Even though we aren’t very close, I tried to help her on numerous occasions telling her that she looks great (even though she is a little bit chubby to be honest), but all those efforts were to no avail. I believe that I am going to need to change my strategy a bit and try a completely different approach.

Next time I meet her, I am going to tell her about Botox in Philadelphia. I don’t think that she has ever done anything like this before, but if it could improve her self -esteem, I would be more than happy to support her in this. She could also try liposuction in Philadelphia. It will be ultimately up to her to choose which procedure she might want to go for. Whatever she opts for will be fine. I just want her to be happy because I know that happier people make better lawyers.

Even though Lisa doesn’t struggle with baldness, I am sure that she would be willing to hear about Hair Transplant Philadelphia. I am going to tell her about it next time I meet with her.