Job Related Back Pain

Certain jobs come with hazards and risks of injuries. Manual labor that involves carrying and lifting heavy objects can cause common injuries to the back and muscles. Spinal injuries account for a significant amount of work related traumas. Additionally, strains and sprains can also result from excessive physical exertion on the job. Such injuries can actually lead to more complicated problems. For example, back injuries may actually involve damage to the spinal discs.

Compressed nerves in the spinal cord can also result from heavy lifting on the job. Herniated discs account for a significant amount of back problems that result from work related efforts. Repetitive stress is also a common problem in jobs that require performing the same types of movements on a daily basis. Workers can develop degenerative problems such as various forms of arthritis.

By law, workers should never be overloaded when working in positions that involve manual labor. For example, it’s illegal for an employer to expect workers to lift loads over 100 pounds. Any job description must reveal information about the physical demands that may involve heavy lifting. For example, a job description may mention that workers should be able to lift up to 50 or 75 pounds. It is illegal and impractical to expect employees to exceed such limits. Lifting something that weighs more than 100 pounds carries a high risk of serious back injuries. Employees that are pressured to do extra work and lift heavy loads may actually sue employers. Back injuries compensation is an example of a legal issue that arises from handling excessive burdens at work.

Workers have the right to hire an attorney that can demand proper compensation for all injuries related to a job. An employer may have to pay for all medical expenses involved with treating the skeletal and muscular injuries of a worker. Medical records can easily conclude whether the sustained injuries are related to the activities performed at a particular job. Employers may be held accountable for any unfair demands placed on workers. For example, forklifts and pellet jackets must be used to handle loads weighing over 100 pounds. It’s unfair to ask employees to lift such packages by hand without any mechanical assistance. Back injuries that are sustained from heavy lifting at work may also lead to compensation for all missed days at work. Employees need to know their rights when it comes to their health.