How to find the right solicitor for your divorce

Getting divorced can be an incredibly difficult time. It is likely to be tense and packed with stress and strain on your mental and physical wellbeing. Whilst the right solicitor cannot take away the pain related to going through a divorce, having someone professional to support you can minimise the hassle that you feel on the legal side of things.

We understand what it takes to be a great divorce solicitor, and whilst our expertise lie across a number of different legal services, we tackle our divorce clients with empathy, respect and patience.

As experts in delivering divorce services to people throughout Liverpool, we have put together the top tips for finding the right divorce solicitor for you.

Find someone who is good both in and out of the court

The vast majority of divorce proceedings can be finalised without ever having to head to court. However, there are going to be cases that end up being heard in front of a judge. If you are not sure which way you are going to head with your own particular divorce situation, then you should opt for a solicitor who is good both in and out of the court.

Check out their experience

It sounds silly, but you should always make sure you have a divorce solicitor who is experienced. This experience can help them to handle the divorce proceedings, even if they don’t go as planned. They will know how to deal with emotionally charged situations and ensure that these feelings do not get in the way of making rational decisions.

As well as reviews

Recommendations and word of mouth are a great way to ensure that a solicitor is going to be right for you. So, make sure that you check these out. Online reviews are often available, but if they operate in your local area, you may find friends or family members who can help you with how well they have performed in the past.

Meet them face to face

The best way to judge whether or not a solicitor is going to be perfect for you, is simply to meet them face to face. This will make sure that you get a sense of who they are, their levels of professionalism and whether or not they are the right fit for your needs.

A good solicitor will be able to explain everything to you in detail, and in a language, that you will be able to understand. If you leave the appointment with a clear idea of the process and your strategy, you know that you have an expert behind you.

Kirwans Solicitors are expert solicitors in Liverpool. We have experience in dealing with a variety of legal issues and can offer you professional support when you need it the most. Whether you are a business or simply need some help in your personal life, Kirwans Solicitors is the solicitors in Liverpool for you!