Five Savvy, Modern Marketing Tips for Your Lawyer Website

Law has always represented a competitive career field; however, it’s perhaps just as cutthroat when it comes to lawyers marketing their services online.

After all, any given city, big or small, has their on slew of lawyers in a variety of niches. Given that Google has become the go-to for finding local services, it’s no surprise that those in the field of law need to step up their game in terms of SEO.

That being said, the SEO landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. The spammy tactics of 2010 are no longer viable; however, ranking for keywords and getting found via Google doesn’t have to be a giant guessing game. Likewise, building on-site leads requires a combination of keywords and smart marketing.

If you’re a lawyer that wants to strengthen the SEO performance of your website or you simply desire a second-opinion in terms of your online marketing strategy, consider the following tips that can help boost your on-site performance.

  1. Start with Social Proof

When it comes time for someone to hire a lawyer, they want results, plan and simple. Your website should ooze social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials to build trust and let visitors know that your practice represents the real deal.

Whether you have dedicated pages dedicated to helping clients or sprinkle testimonials throughout your marketing copy, such language is powerful in grabbing your potential clients’ attention.

  1. Crystal Clear Contact Info

One of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make online is hiding your contact information. Getting in touch shouldn’t be a hassle; therefore, ensure that you have multiple means of contact available on-site for your visitors such as a webform, email address and phone number.

Unclear contact information is one of the biggest factors contributing to bounce rate but is so easy to remedy.

  1. Emphasis on Local Keywords

Don’t waste your time trying to rank for terms such as “lawyer” and “attorney.” Instead, target local and geo-specific keywords related to your practice. While you may consider “Seminole County lawyer” to be low-hanging fruit, bear in mind that it pays to get even more specific (think: Seminole County DUI attorney).

By focusing on local keywords and switching it up throughout your content, you not only increase your likelihood for ranking but also keep your content from growing stale.

  1. More In-Depth Content

Many lawyers make the mistake of having a relatively shallow site in terms of content. For example, they might have a blurb or two dedicated to “wrongful death” cases; however, you could easily expand that content to have pages dedicated to such information. The deeper your site is in terms of content, the more opportunities you have to insert keywords.

While writing on-site content may be tedious, it could be the different between your site ranking versus a competitor. If nobody on your team has the time to beef up your content, consider hiring a freelancer or having an intern do the legwork for you.

  1. Re-do Your Site Design

Considering that mobile traffic has overtaken traditional desktops, it’s crucial that your site looks sleek and is easy to navigate via smartphone. Likewise, if you have a “stock” theme for your website, it’s probably time to hire a designer or invest in a premium theme to come across as more professional. After all, aesthetics are a huge factor in whether or not your practice is presented as being trustworthy.

Don’t let your web presence fall to the wayside. If you’re not satisfied with your lawyer site’s performance, consider how implementing these tips can make your practice more attractive to potential clients and help to outrank your competition.