Common Misdemeanor Crimes That You Can Use a Bail Bond for

While many people may associate bail bonds with high profile celebrity cases or murder trials, bail bonds are also used for misdemeanor crimes. The bondsman agrees to cover your bond after someone on your behalf enlists their services for a fee. The bondsman takes a percentage of the bail set by the judge. With a bond, you do not have to remain in jail, but must return to court at the appropriate times and follow other guidelines. Here are some common misdemeanor crimes you can use a bail bond for.


Driving under the influence of alcohol has quickly risen as one of the most popular bail bonds. Local municipalities have cracked down on drivers with alcohol and drugs in their system. The bond helps you get out of jail faster. When searching bail bonds near me Allentown PA, make sure you find one that covers DUI or DWI depending on the jurisdiction.


Vandalism has made headlines in the most recent past when some people destroyed or damaged public park property near the Joshua Tree in California. The person charge must have deliberately meant to destroy or damage the property owned either by the public or a private person or entity.


Petty theft is often treated as a misdemeanor because there is no physical violence. Those charged with petty theft typically steal property with a low value. While grand theft auto is a felony, stealing less than about $400 is petty theft. Some states have higher thresholds, but most classify petty theft somewhere below $1000.


Entering someone else’s home or land without permission qualifies as trespassing. Many government properties including railroads do not allow trespassers on their property. Businesses, homeowners and government entities may post signs stating No Trespassing to warn people away from entering their property without permission. These are only a few of the many misdemeanors you may need a bail bond for.