Why Is TABC Seller and Server Certification Required?

Gaining employment in the state of Texas in the alcohol sales and serving industry requires taking and passing certification classes. You are expected to know a few basic things about the rules and liabilities surrounding the sale and serving of alcohol. Below are the main reasons behind the state requirements.

Gain Knowledge of Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations that govern the sale and serving of alcoholic beverages in Texas can seem confusing. Certification classes are required to clear up any questions an individual might have before taking on the tasks of serving and selling alcohol. It shows the state and the employer that you are knowledgeable enough to handle the task.

Develop an Understanding of the Consequences and Liabilities

There are heavy legal responsibilities for both employees and owners of establishments that sell and serve alcohol. There are consequences for violations of the rules and regulations that can amount to expensive fines, or even jail time. Knowing the responsibilities will help ensure that observing the rules and regulations become an important part of the job.

Learn to Recognize an Intoxicated Individual

Those that have never worked in the capacity of serving and selling alcoholic beverages may not be aware of the signs that a customer has already had enough to drink. The certification classes will help show ways to identify those that need to be cut off from any further alcohol purchases.

Keep Employees in the Industry Apprised of Current Laws

There can be changes made to the rules and regulations at any time. Keeping certified allows the opportunity to learn of any new additions or deletions to current alcohol server and sales requirements. Your employer must keep a copy of the certification on hand at all times.

Ease the Impact for Employer Training

The state of Texas offers the certification classes as a way to help ease the impact on employers in training multiple employees. They can sure that everything is covered that is important and nothing is forgotten. It also provides a more uniform standard of testing.

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