Why Bail Bonds Agents Are Needed

When someone is accused of a crime, they are often held in police custody until their trial date. The court may also order the defendant to post bail as part of their release conditions. If you can’t afford to pay the full amount for your bail, or if you don’t have anyone who will act as a surety on your behalf (sign an agreement promising to pay the bail should you not show up), it might be time to call a bail bond agent instead.

Bail Bond Agents are hired by family members of the accused who cannot afford to post bail themselves, and their job is simply ensuring that their client appears at their trial or court date. Bail generally has to be paid in full; because this can make it difficult for some defendants to meet the requirements for this service, bail bond agents often come to the rescue.

Everyday Situations Requiring Bail Bonds

Some of the most common types of crimes in which a person might need to post bail include criminal cases where the court has ordered a defendant to make their appearance as part of the release conditions.

It’s important to note that it is usually impossible for a defendant to make bail. As soon as they are in custody, the bond paperwork is started by police authorities and continues until the accused appears before the judge. That’s why bail bonds Statesville exist: so that people who can’t afford to pay the full amount of bail aren’t incarcerated until trial simply because they cannot pay up all at once.

Bail Bondsmen’s Key Role

The bail agent does not act as the defendant’s lawyer and is not responsible for deciding whether their client is guilty or innocent. A bond agent’s role is strictly ensuring that their client meets bail conditions.

The bail agents themselves generally take no part in any other proceedings other than providing general advice related to bail. For example, if bail is posted in cash, bond dealers are responsible for returning the said amount to bail sureties when the court case is completed.