When You Might Need a Lawyer

You know that you should consult with a lawyer when you’re facing criminal charges. After all, a criminal record could affect your livelihood, finances, and freedom. However, there are many other situations when you may want to consult with attorneys Ashburn VA.

Nonprofit Boards

Nonprofit boards that are tax-exempt must ensure that the organization’s finances and activities are conducted in a manner that will not affect their tax-exempt status. Even a simple space rental to another organization could cause problems. It is wise to regularly check in with an attorney who has experience with nonprofits.

Employment Contracts and Disputes

If you’re an employer, you want to make sure that you do not violate anti-discrimination laws when you hire and fire employees. You also need to worry about accurately classifying employees and independent contractors, and paying appropriate taxes. You may also want advice on employee handbooks and non-complete clauses in contracts. For these reasons, any employer should have an attorney on retainer.

As an employee, you should consider having a lawyer review any contracts before you sign them. If you are about to be fired, or believe that you are dealing with harassment at work, a lawyer can help you sort out your options.

Homeowner and Condo Associations

Homeowner association boards are largely volunteers who may have little experience with the laws that govern HOAs. These boards must not only keep in mind the local covenants, but also city, state, and federal regulations. Even simple questions may have complex answers. Lawyers that specialize in HOAs can advise you on how to keep records, run meetings, and deal with covenant violations.

Media Law

If you produce or publish any kind of content, you have an interest in protecting your work. If you plan to show media in a public setting, even if it’s showing a movie to a church discussion group, you need to make sure you have the right licenses. Media lawyers assist with understanding copyright law and the process of granting permissions.

Lawyers can help you understand and manage many potential legal pitfalls in situations outside of criminal cases.