What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents can happen in all sorts of places and not only during winter months but during summer as well. We are not completely immune to them as we might suddenly fall somewhere unexpectedly, even on the beach and even if we are very careful. Below you will find a few steps you should take after the fall:

1. Seek medical attention immediately even if you feel absolutely fine. You never know what hidden injuries you might have, and having a doctor examine you thoroughly is a precaution that should not be forgotten. Ultimately it can also give you an upper hand during any future lawsuit.

2. Report the accident immediately to any person that is responsible for the plot of land on which you fell, even if it is your friend. Make sure that you get a full written report of the accident before you leave the place, so that you have some evidence to support your case. This may take some time and tenacity to obtain, and may even require the help of local police, but should always be done in an accident.

3. Be ready to document everything on your own. You might want to take some pictures of the area where you fell with your smartphone, and you might want to ask the people who saw it for a statement. You might want to write down their names, addresses, phone numbers and occupations just to be ready to give a statement in case you decide to file a lawsuit.

4. Be careful what information you share about your accident. Stay away from any social media before, during or even after any lawsuit. It is always better to be calm and careful about anything because some things can be used against you if you aren’t careful enough. As the old saying goes, “discretion is the better part of valor.”

5. Talk to an attorney who will be more than happy to offer you assistance in your slip and fall case. Choose an attorney you feel comfortable with and who understands you well. He or she will be there to represent you and fight for you. Slip and fall accidents are usually very complex cases that require a lot of experience as well as expertise to win. They might be also very often difficult to prove. This is why the help from somebody experienced might be of the essence here to ensure a positive outcome.

Slip and Fall accidents are never expected or pleasant, but knowing what to do as outlined above may make the difference in you having an ultimately positive outcome where your medical bills are paid and you receive compensation for any losses incurred.