What Can You Get if You Slip and Fall

Winter is not an easy time for many of us. Not only are we more likely to suffer from various seasonal disorders such as seasonal depression for example, but additionally we are all more prone to various accidents that might happen to us. This is why it is important to know what kind of compensation you might be eligible for if you fall victim of a slip and fall accident. Always remember that an experienced attorney such as personal injury attorney miami can offer you a helpful hand. This is the type of compensation you can expect to claim:

1. Medical bills. Having an accident can be rather costly, and if you find that you don’t have insurance to cover you when you are in hospital it can put an additional strain on your finances.
2. Wage loss. Since you have had an accident, you might not be able to work for a limited time. The amount of your compensation will depend on how long you were forced to stay away from your work and what kind of financial loss it has cause you and your family.
3. Pain and suffering resulting from the accident. This is something that might be hard to estimate, but generally the more anxiety and sleeplessness you have experienced as the result of the accident the more money you should be able to claim.
4. Permanent or temporary disability. If you find that you might have become disabled due to the accident, which can be either temporary or permanent, it is best to seek proper compensation for your new status as a disabled person.
5.Future medical expenses. If your injury is serious, chances are that you might need to undergo extra medical treatments in the future. It is up to your attorney to calculate how much you might be able to get and claim as much as possible.

The above list is not complete as there might be many other types of compensations you might be eligible for. As your attorney for a more detailed list of what you can hope for and I am sure that they will be more than happy to help.