Unlawful Reasons to Fire an Employee

There are many reasons a person may get fired from a job. However, some of those reasons may be illegal. If you have been unjustly fired, you may need to find a local unlawful termination attorney in St. Louis. Here are some of the reasons for discharging an employee that are illegal.


This is usually the main reason for unlawful termination of an employee. Categories of discrimination include: race, color, nationality, gender, religion, pregnancy, disability and age. There are anti-discrimination laws on all levels, federal, state and local.


Sometimes an employer will fire a worker for something he or she has done. For example, if an employee is a whistle blower and exposed safety violations, he could sue the employer for firing him.

Medical or Family Leave

An employee has the right to take a leave of absence under certain situations. As long as the reason for the absence is listed in the Family and Medical Leave Act, an employee cannot be fired.

Not Following Company Termination Procedures

If the employer does not follow company rules, the employee may have grounds to sue. If a termination procedure is outlined in the handbook, it must be followed.

Illegal Acts

If an employer asks a worker to do something illegal and the worker refuses, that is not legal grounds for termination. This would also apply to unsafe situations where the worker is put in jeopardy.