Three Ways To Post Bail in Pennsylvania

The legal process can be complicated and burdensome. If you or someone you know has been arrested, you may be wondering how to bail someone out of jail philadelphia pa. There are several ways this can be done, to be determined by the judge.

Monetary Release

Bail is set if the defendant poses a supposed risk, like if they have a prior record. If they do not have the funds themselves, friends or loved ones can take up the mantle for them. This is where bail bonds come in. Purchase of a bond guarantees that the full amount of bail will be paid. The price of bail is set by the severity of the crime and several other factors. Sometimes a nominal bail can be set, as low as $1.

Non-Monetary Release

Being released on recognizance, otherwise known as ROR, is the best possible release situation for a defendant. This means that no money is required, only a promise to attend all hearings and trials. This type of release is usually reserved for those with a clean record, if a non-violent crime has been committed. In Pennsylvania, it is a separate crime to miss a trial, so money is not as heavily relied upon as an incentive to attend.

Unsecured Bond Release

Think of this type of release as a threat of a bond. No money is required for the initial release, but the defendant does need to sign a bond agreement. This means that a bond will become active should they miss any hearings or trials. Again, the bail amount is determined by the severity of the crime in the context of the defendant’s criminal history.

It can be a huge relief to be able to await your trial from home, instead of from a jail cell. Step one in your fight for justice will probably be to figure out bail. Once you or your loved one is released, you can start worrying about the next steps.