Three Advantages of Having a Living Will

A living will is very different from the type of will that most people are familiar with. A living will, sometimes called a directive, lays out a person’s wishes regarding care at the end of life. Once the person has passed away, a living will has served its purpose. Most people make a living will so there is no question as to their wishes if they are unable to speak or otherwise communicate. For instance, the person’s illness may cause him or her to go into a coma or experience the inability to think in a clear way. There are certain advantages to having a living will. Here are just a few examples.

An Opportunity to Make Specific Preferences Known

When a person with a terminal illness makes a living will, he or she is still thinking clearly and can state specific preferences. For instance, the person may express that he or she doesn’t want to be put on an artificial respirator. Or, the person may not want extreme measures to be taken if he or she goes into cardiac arrest. A living will helps to answer questions for a terminally ill person before certain situations ever arise. As a note, people who are not terminally ill can also make a living will. Oftentimes, they arrange for a living will to speak for them if they are seriously injured in a car accident, plane crash or other similar scenario. An attorney such as Jerry Sokol has the knowledge and experience to fully explain the details of living wills and other related legal documents.

Avoiding Family Disputes

Having a living will means that a person can help his or her family to avoid various disputes. For instance, without a living will an ill person’s family members may argue over whether to allow a particular medical procedure to take place. Some family members may be in favor of the procedure while others are not. This can create a lot of strife between parents and children as well as other family members. But, a person with a living will has already laid out his or her preferences relieving family members of the responsibility of making these critical decisions.

Peace of Mind

Another advantage of having a living will is peace of mind. This goes for both the person making the will and his or her family members. The person knows ahead of time that his or her preferences are put down in black and white without any doubt as to what they mean. In addition, family members know they won’t have to make any heartrending decisions that they may second guess in the future. A living will can make a very difficult situation a little bit easier for a family.

Finally, finding a skillful attorney such as Jerry Sokol Miami can be the first step for someone who wants help with creating a living will. A living will must be done in a thorough, systematic way so no questions arise as to its legitimacy. More importantly, the person who is ill should have professional guidance so there can be no misunderstanding as to his or her final wishes.