What is the first country you think about when you hear about South America? Many of us think about countries such as Brazil or Argentina, which are two largest countries on the South American continent. If you live in North America, traveling to South America should not be a problem for you as getting there should take you no longer than a few hours. South America is an unexplored continent with many great travel destinations such as Suriname. I would like to give you a few facts about this small South American country. These facts can help you plan your next trip to South America. If you have never been to South America before, they might help you make up your mind which part of this big continent you should choose as your travel destination.

-Only around five hundred thousand people live in Suriname. The number can be compared to the number of people living in some North American cities.
-The country shares borders with some other countries such as Brazil, French Guiana, and Guyana. Getting to Brazil from Suriname is very easy and it should not take you longer than a few hours, depending where in Suriname you are.
-The official language in Suriname is Dutch. This is due to the fact that the Dutch colonized this part of the world many centuries ago.
-The economy of Suriname is based on agriculture, but also on tourism.
-Each year, many tourists from many different countries visit Suriname, mostly to experience the beautiful wildlife and unspoiled nature, especially the Amazonian forests located in the south of the country.
-The country takes pride in excellent cuisine many people enjoy, including tourists.
-The country has warm climate, which makes it a great destination.