Studies Suggest Cell Phone Use Is Not The Only Distraction Experts Should Focus On

Could the use of smartphones be simply replacing other distractions that had already been putting drivers at risk before the present technological evolution we’re experiencing?

That’s what some experts believe, especially after at least two studies indicated that there’s not enough evidence to suggest cell phones are new distractions.

Researchers have indicated they will require more research into the matter to find out whether drivers are simply substituting regular distractions for their smartphones. Learning more about this fad could help researchers look into what could really help drivers to avoid distractions altogether instead of simply focusing on what to do to stop smartphone use behind the wheel.

According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, at least two studies focused on the impact of cell phone use on the motorist’s driving ability have indicated drivers may be simply substituting distractions.

One of the studies has indicated that the risks associated with the use of cell phones could be perhaps mitigated by “compensatory driver actions,” which is a conclusion analysts found after learning drivers tend to, for instance, slow down when dialing.

While many studies on distracted driving lack current data due to the heavy underreporting of crashes linked to phone use, researchers are confident that further investigation into the matter could help them resolve this problem.

A better understanding of the factors behind distracted driving could help experts to come up with better solutions to the problem.

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