Situations When You Might Need To Hire an Attorney

You can handle matters such as a parking ticket on your own, but other areas are more challenging, and you’ll require expert help. Here are situations when you need an attorney.

You’re Sued

If someone sues you for a large amount of money, obtain legal counsel. Even if the matter is settled without a trial (and most cases are), you must have the help of a professional. Rest assured, the other guy will have representation, and you could lose big time if you don’t have good counsel on your side.

You’re Arrested for Drunk Driving

A charge of driving under the influence is no joke. You could face a stiff fine, lose your right to drive or even face jail time. Don’t wait. Contact a criminal defense attorney Amarillo TX to get representation right away.

You’re Entangled in a Bitter Divorce

If you don’t have much property and your split is amicable, then you probably won’t need an attorney. Things are different, however, if you have a house, some large assets or children. In such cases, look for the best representation you can find. You can’t afford to lose a business you worked hard to build or, worse, be cut off from child visitations.

You’re Injured on the Job

Serious injuries on the job often necessitate both medical assistance and paid time off to recover. Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to provide these necessities, but some large businesses will deny your claim the first time around, knowing some claimants aren’t up to the fight. Hire an attorney, and you’ll be sure to get the help you need.

Whatever legal challenge you face, weigh both the benefits and detriments of what could happen if you don’t hire proper representation. If the risks include loss of crucial income or jail time, you should always hire an attorney.