Selling your house without a real estate agent

If you want to sell your house fast and in a rush over the sale of your property, you are aware that you will be needing extra measures to do the sale. But then again, you may be worried that in doing this, you will be cutting some percentage that affects your take-home money from the value of your house. When you sell, you may perhaps consider advertising and informing the urgency in selling the property. Talking to your neighbors, relatives, and friends will be your first action. When it is already the talk of the town, do not be surprised if suddenly real estate agents will approach you and there is a long line of them especially if the property is so hot to sell. They will be offering options and giving you promises for a fast turn out. Of course, there is a price at stake and to top it all, we are talking for just a small amount.

When dealing with real estate agents, you will be wondering how much the commission will be. How many percentages it is going to be? In the United States, especially selling your house fast in Los Angeles, the usual percentage is nearly 6 percent. Literally, it will take you in computing how much it is going to be. For example, if your appraised property is amounting to $20,000, the real estate agent will be receiving around $1,200 or less. What a great score for the real estate agents. From their small talk, they will be benefiting for big cash.

Upon learning this, you may think of escaping from dealing with the real estate. Can you really sell the house fast without their expertise? Of course, you can do it!

Here are some tips in selling your house without a real estate agent;

  1. Be realistic

You must know the value of your property, your location, the size, and the state of your house that can contribute to the selling price. The land cost will be different from the original price. For some years the price can be higher than before so it is really profitable investment. An appraisal agent can help you to score the house.

  1. Compare the price of your property

Simply asking the price of the land in your neighborhood can help you reach your conclusion.  You can manage to sell the house by yourself in a competitive manner. It can bring up more potential buyers. If you are not aware of the price of your property, there is a risk of overpricing that will take you to zero inquiries.

  1. Advertise, advertise and advertise

The power of advertising can be much helpful in selling your house fast.  There are many simple things on how to do it. Traditionally, a simple “for sale” sign in front of your house can be at help.  You can also share brochures and leaflets from your house. Another option is building a website to market your property and to attract potential buyers where you can also post online advertisements.

  1. Hosting An Open House

You can always gather ideas on how to hold an open house just as real estate does. Posting online and placing signs all over your neighborhood for the announcement of the sale can be much help in advertising your willingness to sell your house fast. You can prepare some flyers to help you with the sale. You can also prepare simple but delightful refreshments that will help potential buyers to feel at ease where you can always be gracious to answer every inquiry.  Preparing property description sheets to hand out to everyone attending the open house can help you speak up about the property including brief information. After the open house, be ready to answer all inquiries and you may as well make a follow up for the highest bidder.

  1. Negotiate with your potential buyer yourself

No one is knowledgeable about the property except you. When you found the legitimate buyer, you can proceed with accepting the contract from the seller. But if there is some revision on the contract, the seller can submit a new contract according to the buyer’s preferences. If you are not familiar with the written contract, you can always consult an attorney to review the contract.  Until both parties agreed, one and the other have to sign the contract and the process continues.

  1. Best time to sell

A great timing can add a favorable outcome. If you want to sell your house fast Los Angeles California, the perfect time to sell your house on its advantage is in spring and summer. Various studies concluded that it will be long waiting for you if you decide to sell your house in wintertime. You can prepare a strategize plan on how to make a quick sale without compromising its profitable value.

When you first purchased your dream house, your first glance inspires you to have it. It may as well inspire potential buyers to think the way you do. They may perhaps be inspired in buying your house, recreate, and own it.  You can help a homebuyer because you know more than anyone else the selling point of your house, and you won’t be needing help from real estate agents.