Securing the Financial Future after an Injury or Illness

Healthy people often take for granted their ability to leave their homes and go to work each day. However, when they are injured on the job or develop a condition that renders them unable to work and earn an income, these individuals often have no idea about what they should do to secure their financial futures. Rather than take their chances of being approved for welfare or expecting family members and friends to take care of them, these individuals can explore their legal options when they contact an attorney who specializes in worker’s compensation, personal injury, and Social Security disability cases. When they go online, they can learn more about attorney James P. Hoffman and other attorneys to find out what ramifications could await them when they entrust their work and financial dilemmas to an attorney.

People who are hurt on the job, for example, may be less than eager to file a worker’s compensation claim against their employer out of fear of being fired or punished. However, injured workers have a legal right to file such claims without fearing for their jobs or financial wellness. When an injured person wants a legal advocate to help him or her with this claim, that individual can speak to this lawyer and allow him to assist during the process. This attorney can make sure that the worker is not fired or unjustly punished simply for exercising his or her legal rights.

People who become disabled because of work related injuries or other events like illnesses or personal injuries often cannot go back to work. Being unable to work and earn an income frightens most people because it means that they cannot take care of their families or even support themselves. However, people who have worked long enough and paid into the system could be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. The process to apply for and receive these benefits unfortunately can be arduous and complicated if they try to navigate the court system themselves. Many disability judges turn down applicants, even those who clearly are sick and injured. When they want the best chance of being approved and simply want to avoid the complicated and time consuming task of filing, these individuals should retain legal counsel to help them. An attorney can help personal injury victims also explore legal action against the party responsible for their pain and injuries. With counsel by their sides, victims can secure their futures.