Reasons Why You Might Need To Use a Notary Service

A notary is a public servant whose job is to certify and witness legal documents to make them legally authentic. You may not need this type of service every day, but when the time comes, you will want to make sure that there is a notary nearby who can help you with these documents that must be filed with cities, states or courts. There are several instances when notaries can work for you.

Final Documents

End-of-life documents are made lawfully binding with the help of a commissioned notary. Important contracts such as wills and associated power of attorney rights, as well as advance directives, require the inspection and approval of a notary. Along with wills, if someone asks you to become their executor, then you will also need a notarized copy of the contract as part of the process to make the deal legitimately binding.

Court Documents

If a court requires your appearance, there will be assorted paperwork that necessitates a notary stamp of approval. Applications and requests, pleas, briefs and motions are just some of the various types of forms mandated in court cases, and each needs to be authorized by a notary before they can be submitted to the court of law.

Financial Documents

Commissioned Notaries Pittsburgh PA can offer services that are part of making financial documents lawful. If you decide to get a bank loan, purchase a home or sell one, there will be papers that call for the certification of a notary.

Business Documents

Legal jurisdictions stipulate that certain business documents be filed with them. These can include incorporation papers and other types of business contracts when agreements have been reached among affiliated parties. 

It is best to be prepared before launching into an endeavor with legal implications. Notaries can answer questions and help make the process run smoothly for you or your business,