PCI Compliance Is Required By Law For Small Businesses

Every business which wants to take consumer purchases by card transaction must abide by the law and follow the annual Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards(PCI DSS) regulations or they could receive heavy fines if a customers details are breached by criminals. In the United Kingdom and most other countries a special kind of card machine uses mandatory ‘Chip & Pin’ technology to identify a genuine card holder in stores, you must also be approved for a special kind of bank account and meet the requirements in order to have this privilege.

Chip and pin machines are the devices which can help you with your business transactions anywhere and anytime. These machines are basically meant for chip and pin cards. It is a system similar to a debit and a regular credit card, but the chip and the machine reads the information from an electronic chip rather than being swiped. These machines are basically meant for accepting card transactions with a pincode not signature but the swipe option is still available for emergency. These terminals are often used in business areas and help in increasing the sales because they are very easy to operate.


Ultra Secure and Flexible Mode Of Making Credit Card Payments

The online Merchant Services gives you a fast and a secure access to all your business transaction details. By opening a Merchant Account under any such services you can increase your customer flow by accepting the credit or debit card transactions which otherwise you cannot do and you can also manage your account effortlessly. You have the option to receive the daily or weekly or monthly cash flow updates. These accounts also empower you in dealing with your hard earned money. There are various features which are offered just to keep you aware about the inflow and out-flow of your money.

Enjoy The Easier Way To Pay With Contactless Mode

While making an online transaction you always worry about your confidential data, such as PIN details, whenever the card reader machines accept cards. Customers’ security is every businessman’s top priority. The highly secure Contactless Payments technology allows you to make payments without even touching the card reader.

Now there is no need to carry cash or to fumble with the PIN. You just have to hold the device over the reader to pay for your purchase. As it grows green you would know that your payment is approved. This method ensures that your account is 100% protected from any fraudulent activity and still follows PCI compliance law.