Lighthouse Safety and Risk Assessments

Everyone who owns a lighthouse must have their lighthouse assessed for safety every year. Lighthouses are not in use as they were in the old days of sailing, and there are many places where the lighthouse is not a necessity to the community. Also, the lighthouses are often so old that they could pose a health and safety risk to the people around the lighthouse. States usually require that these assessments be done once a year, and these assessments must be done by professionals who understand the current state of lighthouses.

The Safety Check

The inside of the lighthouse must be inspected to make sure that it is safe for visitors and the people operating the lighthouse. Lighthouse health & safety risk assessments are done to make sure that the people operating the lighthouse can be there. Also, the visitors to the lighthouse must be visiting a place that is safe for them to enter. If the lighthouse does not pass this initial inspection, them the visitors must be kept off the property while repairs are done.

The Health Check

Old lighthouses were made from a variety of materials, and these materials could be hazardous to the health of the people who are visiting or working in the lighthouse. The health and safety inspector will check the building for hazardous materials, and the inspector will also make sure that the building is not storing or harboring hazardous materials.

The Passing Inspection

When lighthouses pass their inspection, they will be given a clean bill of health by the inspector. This inspection is passed on to the state, and the lighthouse is allowed to operate for another year. It is the responsibility of the lighthouse owner to make sure that their lighthouse is inspected and passes. The inspector can offer suggestions for bringing a lighthouse up to code if it does not pass, and the inspector will give a full report for the owner to use.

These lighthouse inspections must be done by trained professionals who are going to allow the lighthouse owner the chance to make their lighthouse fit for visitors and operation every year.