Legal CRM significantly reduces cost and increase profitability for legal professionals


“We are led by lawyers who do not understand either technology or balance sheets” Thomas Friedman

Legal digitalization or paper less law firm is dream for legal professionals. Data structuring and data gathering is a daily task, legal professionals drive hard to survive and reach the peak of growing economy. Legal CRM is designed with main objective to associate relevant client data in structured manner and benefits legal professional to achieve highest level of client satisfaction, generate recurring orders and more referrals business

CRM stands for Client Relationship Management that combines people, processes and technology to help build and maintain strong customer relationships. Ultimate goal of CRM is customer satisfaction, if you have contented clientele; it’s likely to re-engage them in repeat business in some form.

Information access on fingertips helps serving clients better and provides means for gathering internal business intelligence. Legal CRM for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms will facilitate easy communication with current and future clients by enabling collaboration amongst team members and overall increases cross-functional department efficacy.

Significance of Legal CRM.

If lawyers can better manage client relationships and associated information, they’ll benefit from happier customers, repeat business, and referrals. Legal CRM Software is aimed for single goal; making lawyer’s hectic day easier so they shall focus on productive tasks that overall increases firms performance and profitability. On a single platform, entire staff and legal practitioners can effectively manage all their activities in web-based CRM designed only for Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms.

Having a dashboard view of current case load as well as ability to see historical information quickly can make big difference on productivity levels. It takes just a few keystrokes and a matter of drag and drop to continually keep your dashboard current and those few keystrokes shall result in an exponential amount of streamlining.


Legal CRM Elements

Besides the basics – like case management, contacts organizing, time entries, billing, invoices and activity scheduling; a good legal CRM should include additional modules such as intellectual property management, campaigns management, marketing automation and advanced reporting.
A customer portal and web interface along with mobile access for both lawyer and clients will be most powerful, integration with Outlook for emails and calendar for activity planning is a must. A manual legal CRM consist of papers in manilla folders in boxes on shelves in a large warehouse area. An automated system keeps all the information – plus more in a organized database on cloud or private server which is accessed anytime, anywhere.

Is there a system that offers everything mentioned?

Yes! A great Legal CRM that includes everything listed, plus a whole lot more is offered by FyNSiS Legal CRM – delivering everything a law firm needs to maintain and improve client relationship.

It’s a niche system designed to organize clients and cases in SuiteCRM to gain 360 degree clients view from anywhere, anytime. It automates internal communication and enhances firm productivity. SuiteCRM is built on opensource platforms (Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL) most widely used and proven technologies available today.

FyNSiS deliver nothing but ROI on every penny you spend on technology. If we don’t deliver promised results, we don’t get paid. Simple? Thats how life ought to be’

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