Law School Admission Secrets

Passing your exams is one thing and getting that dream school is another. Law is such a field whereby getting to that school you have always wanted can be a challenge because there are other students with the same qualification as you. There are obstacles you will meet along your application process. However, for your application to stand out, there are several secrets you need to put into consideration. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Outstanding law school personal statement

It is true that everyone knows that an applicant’s GPA and LSAT score and grade point will determine on how the student will fare in the law admission process. However the admission counselors will also consider your personal statement.

Most students applying for law will always underestimate the power of a personal statement. What students fail to understand is that this is the best platform to share their story. They also fail to understand that their stories are different from their fellow students.

It is important for students to use this chance to talk to the admission officers and tell them what’s important in their lives and what has influenced them. The students should also state their values. It is important to understand that the admission officers also have other students to attend to. This means that your statement should be precise. Imagine you had 10 minutes of your life to tell people about yourself.

A well written and effective law school personal statement will also help a student convince the admission officers why he/she chose that particular law school. This part calls for creativity. A good student will list a program that interests him/her.

Law school recommendation letters that impress

Letters of recommendation do not only apply when a person is applying for a job. Law school admission is such a serious case that you need to impress the admission officers with your letter of recommendation. Most applicants will get worried about the person writing the letter than what the person will tell about the student.

It is advisable to get people who know you well enough and ask them to write a law school letter of recommendation and a good one at that. The person writing the letter should state your good traits that will make your application be considered. It is also important to have an academic letter of recommendation.

You will be in a better position to get the admission if you have a professor who knows you well write about you specifically. Have people not related to you write the letter. Recommenders who will be viewed as bias like close friends or family members will not be considered. It is also important to do whatever it takes to convince your potential recommenders if they are too busy or don’t feel comfortable writing you the letter. Make them see how important their recommendation is to your life.

Provide an honest and clear picture of who you are and why you chose law

Make sure your communication is as authentic as possible. One common theme that makes most applications get accepted is explaining the “why” and the “who” behind the applicant’s story. Tell people whether you grew up in a humble background and you would want to learn law so that you can be in a better position to give back to the society or whether you grew up managing your family business and you would like to make use of the law school to get a degree for corporate work.

Do not just repeat what you had written in your resume and just tell the admission about your activities in your personal statement. It is important to explain the in context. For instance, tell them how your previous internship molded you to be the competent person you are now.