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In this era of law and order it has become increasingly important for the common man to be updated & informed about the legal system. Taking this into account, has launched an Indian legal blog . This is a platform publishing legal news, updates, basic legal procedures & other faq’s about law in the simplest language possible.

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Why should you follow this legal blog ?

  • Published for Laymen’s

Everything from news to articles are published in the simplest language possible, the aim of this blog is to connect with readers that do not know much about the legal system in india.

  • Mobile Compatible

This is a responsive website so you can use it with your mobiles, tablets or any other handheld device.

  • Legal Procedures & faq’s answered

They publish articles about basic procedures & know how’s of law that may help a common man in his day to day life.

  • Regularly updated Blog with active Social Pages

This blog is updated regularly with interesting & useful articles , news & updates. They also update subscribers about new articles through facebook , twitter & google+ so you can stay connected easily.

  • Reliable information

This platform is maintained by a group of experienced lawyers so you can rely on the content written by this indian legal blog.

Whats more ? Get free Legal advice online for your questions !

This platform has a wonderful feature where you can get free legal help for any query you have . You simply have to visit the website, submit your question & they will be answering it within 48 hours. The answers are given by experts so you need not worry about the authenticity. This is a great way to start getting answers about your query , as we all the it is extremely expensive to get lawyers help offline !


How will this platform help the common man ?

Law is one thing that scares a lot of people & confuses the others with its complexity . Most of us have already been victim to problems that could have been solved much easily with the help of the Judicial system . Consumer problems are the most common of these , but 80% of the indian population do not take legal action against the companies they have been cheated by. This is only due to the lack of knowledge and confidence. But, with platforms like , they can easily get a helping hand in such matters. Even a small professional advice can prove to be a boon for them & help them get justice. Additonaly , the legal blog publishes articles about basic legal procedures that can not only help but lay out the whole action plan for Indians.