How Traffic Tickets Affect CDL Holders

As a professional truck driver, protecting your commercial driver’s license is top priority. As well-trained as you are on the rules of the road, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll get a traffic ticket. Some violations can result in a disqualification or suspension of a CDL. To prevent this from ever happening, it’s important to understand how a ticket will affect you as a commercial truck driver.

Serious Violations Lead to Suspension

There are many types of CDL traffic tickets, but serious ones can result in disqualification or even a suspension of your license. Examples of these violations include excessive speeding, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and the use of a cell phone behind the wheel. If you end up with a disqualification, you can’t drive a commercial vehicle, but you can still drive your car. With a suspension, you’re not allowed to drive at all.

Multiple Minor Offenses May Leave You Without a Job

If you’ve received a fine for a less serious offense such as a parking ticket or going a couple of miles over the speed limit, you won’t find yourself in much trouble. However, if you’ve accumulated several of these smaller citations, especially in a short period, you could still be looking at a suspension. Remember that each state has its own laws. Some states, for example, will suspend your license for three minor speeding tickets within 18 months.

Experienced Counsel Can Save Your CDL

To avoid a disqualification or loss of your CDL, don’t ignore the problem. You need legal counsel with a proven record of representing commercial truck drivers. The right legal professional knows how the court system works and what your best course of action should be.

After reviewing your case, it will be appealed through your state’s court. Fortunately, in many situations your attorney can represent you without you being present.

More Care Is Needed in the Future

Driving violations can happen to the best drivers on the road. To avoid getting a ticket in the first place, your best bet is to keep your record clean. Obey all traffic laws and make sure your truck meets all size and weight requirements. Always have your paperwork up-to-date and readily available.

If you’re a CDL holder who has found yourself with a traffic ticket, don’t ignore it or try to solve it on your own. Look for qualified representation to fight for your rights and your career as a driver.