How To Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

If a medical condition or injury leaves you unable to continue working, you may want to file for disability benefits to help cover your living costs. Disability lawyers offer these services to ensure you receive benefits.

They Prepare the Necessary Paperwork

Many valid disability applications result in denial of benefits because of mistakes on paperwork. Disability lawyers in Iowa have experience preparing files of evidence and information that the social security team of experts, including physicians or psychologists, uses to make a decision. Paperwork submissions include copies of relevant test results and medical records.

They Can Solicit The Support of Your Doctor

Many individuals are surprised by the resistance they face from their physicians when they request support for a disability application. Many physicians may want to avoid additional paperwork or not fully understand the full extent of a patient’s limitations. Lawyers know how to objectively discuss a patient’s circumstances to enlist a physician’s assistance.

They Can Navigate the Appeals Process

Although many disability applications receive initial denials, an experienced disability lawyer can overturn this decision at an appeal hearing. When presenting a disability case for appeal, a lawyer considers various factors that could affect a decision. For example, a lawyer may check the social security Blue Book to determine a list of qualifying symptoms for a client’s condition and submit evidence of their existence.

In addition to validating a client’s symptoms, a disability lawyer can question professional witnesses in a way that supports a disability claim. For example, a lawyer can steer witness testimony to validate a client’s struggles, thereby checking all the boxes necessary to prove a client’s inability to continue working.

Finally, experience defending disability claims can give a lawyer insight into the evidence needed to receive a favorable decision from the judge presiding over the case.

Disability claims are complicated and time-consuming. Hiring a disability lawyer can streamline the process to minimize the disruption to your income flow.