How To Know When To Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents at minimum cause physical damage to your vehicle. At most, car accidents result in death and lifelong issues. Car accidents are unplanned events leaving many unsure how to proceed afterward. After you’ve contacted the policy, exchanged information and sought medical attention, the next step is to determine whether or not you should contact an attorney.

The Case

Medical attention following a car accident is reason enough to search for car accident lawyers in Columbia, MD. The attorney can inform you of your legal rights even if you don’t feel your injuries are serious. Fatal car crashes need the aid of an attorney to properly settle the case. Car accident injuries and deaths are due to another person’s negligence. You may be able to file a personal injury claim against the other party to help cover medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. An attorney can be especially helpful if the police list the wrong person at fault for the accident or bad faith acts on the part of the insurance company.

The Timing

Much like contacting the police, the sooner you contact the attorney after an accident, the better. Chances are the at-fault party has already notified their insurance company. Their insurance company has their own and their client’s best interests in mind, not yours. An attorney can step in right away to handle communication with the insurance company. Filing a claim against an insurance company or other third party is a process. Your memories of the accident are fresher and more accurate the less time has passed after the accident occurred. The attorney then works on your behalf to negotiate with the insurance company to pay for medical bills, car repair bills and lost wages due to injuries.

Attorneys are there to fight for justice. They can help you navigate your legal options, defend you in court and correct injustices. Speak with an attorney to see what they can do for you.