How to Get Bail Out of Jail After A Disorderly Conduct Charge

Most people enjoy going out and having a food time. However, you can get in trouble when drinking too much alcohol. If you are loud and belligerent in public, then someone may call the police. Read on to find out how to get bail out of jail after a disorderly conduct charge.

Contact a Bail Agent

If you do not have the money on hand to pay to get out of jail, then you will have to call a loved one. This person is usually a family member, spouse or close friend. He or she will contact a 24 hour bail bonds Denver Co to arrange the posting of your bond. Your loved one should understand the consequences of bailing someone out of jail.

Brief Loved One On the Bail Process

Posting the bail has a condition when working with a bond company. The defendant must show up to court. The co-signer for the bail must agree to pay the full amount of the bail if the defendant does not show up in court. When a person agrees to post bail, he or she must agree to cosign.

Meet the Requirements

Collateral is not always a requirement for bailing someone out of jail. It may only take a signature from a loved one to bail a person out of jail. However, cosigners must meet certain requirements. You must have a job and a residence in the same area. The residence can be a place you rent or a property that you own. You also must have been staying at the residence for an extended period.

After an agreement is reached with the bail agent, he or she posts a bond for the amount of the bail. The bail’s purpose is to guarantee the defendant shows up in court. If the defendant skips court, then the cosigner is immediately responsible for the bail amount. On the other hand, the bail agent may go looking for the defendant. If agent capture the defendant, then the cosigner is responsible for any fees the bail agent incurs for recapturing the defendant.