How to Find the Perfect Renter

Choosing a renter can be a bit of a dice roll at times. You hope that you picked wisely so that you don’t run into any major issues. Here are ways to make finding a perfect renter a little less random. 

Run a Background Check

First impressions are important but they don’t tell you everything about a renter. Background checks Rochester NY will look for criminal history and credit score. Credit scores help you know if the future tenant is reliable with his or her money, which you will want to know before you rent to them. It is easy for someone to hide criminal history, so take the time to find out for the safety of you and the neighborhood. 

Meet in Person

Someone can sell themselves nicely on paper or through email, but in person, you can easily see if he or she is someone you want to work with overtime. If you can tell that personalities will clash it may not be worth allowing them to rent the place because it is a sign that future conflict could happen. Meeting someone in person also builds a sense of connection, which will aid you in working through any future road bumps.

Find a Long Term Renter

Someone who is always on the move doesn’t care if he or she has to live in a dump because it’s only for a short period of time. Finding someone who wants to rent and stay where they are for a while is a good thing for you as a landlord. Renters tend to take better care of the property knowing that it is theirs for a long time. You can negotiate a longer-term lease, like two years, so that you and the renter can have a sense of security. 

The key to finding that perfect renter is to really take the time to get to know your applicants and find one who will care for the property as his or her own.