How To Fight A Traffic Ticket

Getting a traffic ticket can ruin your day, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life. Traffic tickets are expensive and can add points to your license, but handling them properly can minimize their impact. The worst thing to do is to ignore them, as it can result in additional points, fines and penalties. It’s important to know there are many things that can be done to minimize the impact of traffic tickets. That’s why people that are concerned about insurance rates going up, or need a clean license for professional reasons, should hire an experienced Boulder traffic ticket attorney to handle their case.

Procedures For Traffic Tickets In Boulder

If you’ve received a traffic ticket in Boulder, these are your options:
● Paying The Ticket: It’s tempting because it’s easy, but it is a conviction that can impact your insurance rates and your license.

● Appealing Your Case: This usually results in going to traffic court to fight your ticket. You might get lucky and the police officer doesn’t show up. When the officer shows up, the court usually sides with the officer if you’re unrepresented.

● Pleading Not Guilty and Requesting a Trial: This is common for serious charges, but the risk of conviction is high if you handle it yourself.

How A Boulder Traffic Attorney Can Help You

An experienced Boulder traffic attorney has strategies that can sometimes get your case dismissed. For example, it’s possible to get a ticket dismissed due to a clerical or administrative error on the part of the police of the court. Other strategies include challenging the accuracy of a radar device or the testimony of an officer. If the ticket can’t be dismissed, it may be possible to make a plea bargain with no points on your license in exchange for agreeing to take a defensive driving class or other terms. The best way to find out how to handle your ticket is to discuss your options with a traffic ticket attorney in Boulder at that can advise you about your particular case.