How to Check the Status of Your Social Security Disability Claim

Have you filed a social security disability claim? Have you been waiting a long period of time to hear back about the decision of your claim? If so, you are probably getting frustrated and nervous, wondering whether or not you will receive your benefits. If you meet all of the social security disability regulations, here’s a look at how you can check the status of your claim:

  • Call the Social Security Administration office. Ask to speak to a disability claims representative.
  • Ask the representative to check the status of your claim. This individual can usually provide you with an update of your case, including where it is in the process. However, do note that the representative will not be able to provide you with a lot of information regarding the details of your claim, like when it will be handed down or whether or not there are issues causing the delay.
  • Alternatively, you could check the status of your claim online. To do so, visit the Social Security Administration’s website. You’ll need to enter a confirmation number and password, which you can receive from the SSA.