Guidelines for Filing Your Workplace Fall Claim

To file a claim for compensation for a workplace accident that you experienced you must have the proper documentation submitted quickly after it happened. This will assure you of more accurate details and receiving a timely claim that can help you to pay your bills. No one expects to suffer a fall and be injured at work, but if this has happened to you, you should follow some helpful guidelines that can make the claim go much more smoothly. Your workplace equipment should be inspected regularly and deemed safe for use, but if something went wrong you want to be able to file a claim with your solicitor that makes life just a little less stressful for you. Let’s look at some guidelines to use that make filing your claim an easier task.


  1. An injury at work claim will travel through the appropriate channels more quickly if the information that you provide is complete and offers the employer a comprehensive account of what happened. What has happened to you must be avoided with other employees so your employer will want to review the details of your claim so that they can fix what went wrong on. Make sure that all of your information is dated and that it states clearly what transpired to cause your accident. If you used faulty equipment that had been reported, make sure that your solicitor is aware of these reports. If your supervisor asked you to perform a duty that went beyond the safety measures of company policy, make sure that you have a copy of this policy. You should record the work instructions that you were given verbatim so that this element of your accident will be included in the paperwork.
  2. The professionals at recommend that you gather as much information as possible before you have the initial meeting with your solicitors. You should ask your doctor to provide their diagnosis, prognosis for treatment and therapy, and the extent of your injuries and how they relate to you returning to work. The solicitors can then begin to calculate how much your claim will be. By being organised and methodical with your information gathering process you will be a big help to those helping you file your claim.
  3. Keep copies of every bill that you pay and document any lost income caused by being away from work. Your goal should be to cover all expenses that this accident has caused you and be able to continue to pay your bills even though you are off work. Your employer is responsible for workplace accidents that are caused by negligence on the part of supervisory staff or substandard maintenance work. The more documentation you have, the better picture you will paint of your accident. This makes the job of your solicitor much easier and the likelihood of a satisfactory claim more successful.


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