Grand Rapids Dog Bite Attorney

Dogs are considered man’s best friend; however, when a dog bites you and causes injury, that can be a whole different scenario. That dog bite can cause medical bills, lost wages as well as pain and suffering and if this happens, you deserve compensation. If this happens in Michigan, you should seek out a Grand Rapids Dog Bite Attorney. An attorney in Grand Rapids that specializes in dog bites is knowledgeable on the subject and can best represent you and your best interest.

In the state of Michigan, those individuals who are owners of any dog is expressly liable for the dog and his or her behavior, up to and including dog bites. The state of Michigan also has strict laws which forbid dogs to run free; they must be retained on leashes. Even with these laws in place, it is still possible to get bitten by a dog. And if that happens, the owner is responsible for the harm that it may incur.

If you are ever bitten by a dog, it is important that you get medical attention if needed. After receiving necessary medical attention, it is advised that you do the following:

• Take pictures of the inflicted injury as well as the area surrounding it–this includes wounds as well as ripped or torn clothing. No detail is too small. Photograph it all.
• File an official report to the police in your area. Make sure that you report this as a dog bite.
• Obtain the contact information for any witness. This includes name, addresses and phone numbers for each witness.
• Establish who owns the dog.
• Once you have a copy of the police filing as well as contact information for any witness that saw what happened and you have established who owns the dog, call a Grand Rapids Dog Bite Attorney so that you can determine that compensation that you are entitled to.

It is very important to also remember that once you have retained a Grand Rapids Dog Bite Attorney, it is your attorney’s job to talk with the insurance company as well as others who are potentially a part of your case. If, for example, an adjuster from the dog owner’s insurance company calls to speak with you concerning injuries sustained, you need to refer he or she to your attorney. Provide the adjuster with all of your attorney’s contact information. It is the adjuster’s job to find ways to discredit you and your claim by getting you state things that did not really happen. For example, the adjuster could try to get you to say that you did something that could have provoked the dog, even if it was unintended and accidental. It is the adjuster’s job to eliminate your claim as well as court proceedings. Many times, adjusters will scare you into taking their menial offer. Adjusters are not there for your benefit; they work for the insurance company and their client. Having a Grand Rapids Dog Bite Attorney will help to insure that you are treated fairly and compensated appropriately as well.

If you are bitten by a dog, a Grand Rapids Dog Bite Attorney can best represent you and your case to make sure you get what is fair and just for your case.