Funny reason why flights have been delayed

There’s nothing worse than a delayed flight, right? Instantly killing your holiday buzz or inducing the fear that you’re going to miss the important event or meeting you’re travelling to, no one likes to hear that their flight has been delayed.

Every single day, in all corners of the world, flights are delayed for a whole host of reasons and, although the majority are perfectly normal, such as weather or technical issues, there are those occasions where the reason is out of the norm.

Here are some of the funniest reasons why flights have been delayed…

Bees invade plane

We’ve all heard about snakes invading a plane, but never bees!

Well this is the predicament an Airbus 319 found itself in after taking off from Vnukovo Airport to St Petersburg.

Shortly after taking off, the flight was forced to land after thousands of bees appeared from underneath the wings of the plane and started to cover the windows, forcing the flight to divert.

Luckily for the crew and passengers on board, none of the bees managed to make their way inside, but the plane was delayed for an hour.

Drunken crew

Stories of drunken passengers delaying flights are never out of the media spotlight, especially in recent years.

However, the last thing you’d expect to delay your flight is a drunken crew member, right? Well, this was the case when passengers on-board a flight from Oslo to Crete noticed that there was something not quite right with their crew.

After contacting the police, it was revealed that only one of the five crew members on board passed an alcohol test, forcing a 5-hour delay whilst the crew members were swapped over.

A peckish pilot


Although aeroplane food is nothing to write home about, you still wouldn’t expect a flight to be delayed because the pilot wasn’t allowed to take his sandwiches from a 5 star hotel on board, right?

Well this is exactly what happened when a flight from Pakistan’s Allama Iqbal airport was delayed for three hours due to a pilot demanding that his sandwiches were allowed on board.

Crabs on a plane

Imagine hundreds of crabs running riot on your flight! This was the scene on a flight from New York’s LaGuardia airport to North Carolina.

Hundreds of crabs escaped from the cargo area, forcing the flight to delay its departure until all of the crabs had been retrieved from the plane.