Driving in Work Zones

A high number of car accidents happen in so-called work zones. A work zone is an area undergoing construction and where usually changes to the traffic take place. The reason so many accidents occur in those zones is the fact that many drivers are used to driving in said areas and don’t expect anything unusual to happen. Additionally, it might be less clear as to whose fault it is if an accident has happened in a work zone. If you are not sure about it you might want to hire a car accident lawyer and ask them for help. Below you will find some common reasons so many accidents happen in the work zones:

1. Speeding. Many work zones introduce new speed limits around them, but the truth is that many drivers choose to ignore them and are not used to them. If you happen to see a road undergoing construction or improvement, the best course of action is to reduce your speed and drive carefully.

2. Ignoring construction signs and signals is just another reason accidents happen often in work zones. Before approaching the works, make sure that you are on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary such as temporary traffic lights, narrowings in the road, as well as other signs that alert you of the abnormalities.

3. Accidents involving construction crew members. Even though road construction workers are required to wear reflective clothing they still might become victims of an accident. When driving close to a work zone keep an eye on people working in them as they are the most vulnerable there.

4. Merging. Often, it is required to merge lanes in work zones. Drivers who don’t anticipate those changes might find themselves in a position that they suddenly are about to collide with another car. When driving close to work zones always anticipate lane merges and be on the lookout for vehicles wanting to merge with you. Give them plenty of space and don’t force your way if there is somebody who wants or needs to cut in front of you. Practice defensive driving in all work zones.