Don’t Ignore These Symptoms of Mesothelioma – Get Legal Assistance from Mesothelioma Lawyer Right Away

Recognizing mesothelioma symptoms at the soonest time possible is the key to early treatment and higher chances of survival. Below are some of the early symptoms that you have to watch out for to let you know if it is time to hire an Indiana mesothelioma lawyer working for an Indiana Mesothelioma Law Firm:

Pleural Effusions

Presence of pleural effusions is the most common early symptom of mesothelioma. An effusion is basically a buildup of excess fluid surrounding the lungs found in 90% of patients. But, just like other early mesothelioma symptoms, pleural effusions might also represent other illnesses like embolisms and heart failure.

Excessive Sweating or Fever

Initially, a fever may indicate just a passing condition. But, if the fever doesn’t come with other expected symptoms of cold, it can still be checked, particularly if some other symptoms below are also present. Another warning sign is excessive sweating like night sweats.

Unexplained Weight Loss

Unintentional weight loss is worrisome. About 30% of patients with mesothelioma experience weight loss. When you or your loved one is losing weight unexplainably, it can already be attributed to numerous illnesses so make sure you visit your doctor right away to identify the cause.

Difficulty in Swallowing or Dysphagia

When it becomes difficult to swallow food or a person experiences pain every time they swallow, it is yet another cause for concern. Difficulty in swallowing is another early sign of mesothelioma that can be accompanied by reflux, hoarseness, or the sensation that the food is stuck in the back of the throat. It is not normal to experience this so it must never be ignored.


Another early warning sign of mesothelioma is fatigue. It is common to discredit or overlook symptoms like fatigue particularly when you are tired or overworked in general. However, cancer related fatigue is something that doesn’t resolve itself even after getting enough sleep. It is something that can be sporadic. Since fatigue can result from numerous medical conditions, it is a must to recognize some other symptoms for proper diagnosis.

Chronic Cough

Just like the presence of abdominal or chest pain, a chronic cough is something you have to pay attention to. When the cough is accompanied with shortness of breath or pain in lungs, see to it that you visit your physician. Around 36% of mesothelioma patients suffer from chronic cough but the remaining 76% experience shortness of breath.

Abdominal or Chest Swelling and Pain

Most of the time, mesothelioma affects the tissue surrounding the lungs. Chest pain is an early symptom of mesothelioma, particularly when the pain can be felt below the ribcage. Similar to other early signs, however, chest pain can also be attributed to other diseases and conditions.

Aside from affecting the lungs, the abdominal tissue might also be affected by mesothelioma. It is referred to as the peritoneal mesothelioma. Its early signs include abdominal swelling and pain. Just like chest pain, pain in the abdomen is also a symptom that can be attributed to numerous illnesses.

Early diagnosis of mesothelioma is crucial not only for treatment but also for immediate hiring of a reliable Indiana Mesothelioma Attorney that can help win the legal battle to get you properly compensated for your condition.