Does Your Case Need An Expert Witness?

Expert witness services will often make the difference between a win and a loss when a complicated case comes to trial.

The description of the expert witness is one who is a qualified specialist in a subject and whose opinion is accepted by the judge, who acknowledges that the witness is an expert by virtue of certifications, training, education, licensing, work experience in the field and work related to the case, number of years practiced, special knowledge, published works, awards, and other skills.

An expert witness has knowledge beyond that of the ordinary lay person, which enables giving testimony regarding an issue that requires expertise. The witness’ specialized scientific or technical opinion about facts and evidence before the court is considered to be within the expert’s area of expertise. Such experts may be called upon as consultants in a case and may give testimony at trial.

Expert testimony is subject to attack upon cross-examination by questioning to bring out any limitations in the witness’s experience and qualifications, lack of the amount and value of the preparation done, or unreliability of the expert’s methods, tests, and sources, along with other allowed issues. An expert witness’ testimony may be rebutted by the testimony of other experts or by contrary evidence or facts.

Michael F. Richards is just the type of expert witness and litigation support specialist that will aid attorneys who are representing businesses, individuals, and financial institutions. His services include case strategy, analysis of key issues, opinions, consulting, depositions, and court testimony.

Richards’ litigation support includes assistance in discovery, research, report writing, assistance with opposing expert witness deposition questioning, bringing understanding especially in his field of commercial banking practices, as well as giving the standard expert witness testimony. Richards has a special expertise in large commercial loans and complex commercial real estate transactions and is a banking expert witness.

Richards started his financial expert witness and consulting career in 2009. He has qualified as an expert witness and specialist and has given expert testimony nationally for both plaintiffs and defendants. He had been retained by attorneys in 27 states and in 79 cases through mid-2015.

He also testifies in arbitration, in state and federal courts, has given testimony in a white collar criminal case filed against the United States, and has been retained in cases against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and in other important cases.