Do I Need a Visa to the United States?

There are many developed countries out that whose citizens don’t need to obtain a visa when they want to travel to the United States for business or to visit their relatives, or to simply spend a vacation in the US. United Kingdom and Ireland are among those countries, which means that the Irish and the British simply need to fill out their US ESTA application instead of applying for a visa in an American embassy.

Without any need for visa, traveling to the US has never been easier. Those who are British or Irish citizens can already start booking their American holidays and enjoy the thought that soon they are going to set foot on American soil without too much paperwork related to obtaining a visa.

Obtaining a visa usually means a lot of hassle for those who want to get one. There are some countries in the world that aren’t very lucky while obtaining a visa. Nearly 50% of visa applications of the citizens of El Salvador end in rejection, which means that only every second person from this country eventually gets his dream visa and can travel to the US free.

The British and the Irish should consider themselves lucky that they don’t need to go through all those complications related to getting a visa. This should be a huge relief for them, and it should mean that traveling for business and pleasure has become a lot easier. As a matter of fact, many of them should take advantage of the opportunity to book their dream holidays in California and Florida if this is something they would like to do in their spare time. Traveling to the US can mean a lot of fun, and knowing that you don’t need a visa to be able to travel there makes it even more fun and more enjoyable.