Digital Identity Group Helps Victims of Ripoff Report

Wish you could remove online reviews about you or your business? Some reviews are more than just a review, they are seriously false or damaging. Thousands of people seek help to remove these reviews every year. It is possible to remove this damaging information from Google results and keep it from showing to the public.

The internet and technology growth has made most people to post content online. However, there are some that come in-hand when sharing some of these contents. For instance, the users have insignificant control over the information they post online. Some unscrupulous individuals may publish defamatory content about an individual or business without action being taken to them.

The Digital Identity Group helps victims of Ripoff Report. This firm has legal experts and PR gurus that help victims to remove such defamatory content from the web. They perform this by eliminating negative search reviews and replacing it with desired content from the user.

For us to thoroughly discuss more on the digital problems that one may face online, we consulted co-founder of Digital Identity Group, Robert Thompson. Digital Identity Group is a world’s leading online reputation management firm.

The Digital Identity Group Specializes in Removal

According to Robert, their company clients range from dads and mums to fortune five hundred companies. They also try to give optimal control over what users view about other users on the internet. The information may range from what users want others to see about professional history or information that they do not want to be accessible such as false and damaging statements.


Why Someone May Require Assistance Managing a Digital Reputation


The growth of the internet and technology has resulted in the invention of awesome things as well as other unpleasant things. For example, a suitable name of an organization or individual may land on the hands of unidentifiable individuals. They may also be located in an inaccessible location on a map.


If someone is dismissed from a job, it is probable for other users or colleagues to publish harmful content about the dismissal. Also, others may post accurate but obsolete information. In the same case, it is possible for the digital reputation to create exclusive opportunities. It is essential to take advantage of one’s status to enable other users to see your best part of life.


Why It May Not Be Possible For One to Handle His or Her Reputation Online


One of the best analogies to describe this is the anti-virus software on our personal computers. In the current world, it is only close to 25 individuals who can do perfect anti-virus protection on their own. It is because the process needs extensive technical expertise. Digital Identity Group possesses experienced engineers to work on various issues to guarantee the clients’ problems are fixed to ascertain their digital profile and reputation.


Besides this, there are also some extraordinary legal remedies that are offered. It works excellently to ensure that the content is pulled down altogether. Some things are not to be performed individually as they may lead to further problems that were not present before.

It is possible to come across users who say that they have not experienced any issues. You will find most of them saying that they have been in this industry for quite some time and they are still doing well in the business. They say that they can ignore Google’s advice. In today’s world, no company should ignore what the internet has to offer. It is thus an essential tool in every business.


When companies get bad reviews on the internet, it is possible for them to lose potential customers in the market. Then, what is lost when an individual receives negative reviews?

The internet may be brutal at times since some individuals may want to damage a user’s professional life or reputation. They may be very good at doing this defamatory act. For instance, a former spouse may go after a business due to a divorce. Else, some employees may try to destroy the reputation of an organization after they are fired.


However, protection against this menace matters to everybody. Currently, each life transaction starts with a search, and even in an ideal economy, potential employers will be carrying out searches for the employees. Some may say that your digital profile does not match their desirable criteria.


We are living in a new world where employers, clients, and people find you due to the internet. For instance, let’s say that you are a computer scientist. If you are talking about the computer science and you are identified with it in social media platform, you possess a reasonable resume. However, if someone else searches for you and finds that another person is using the same name, but their interest is footballing, it will not add any right to you. On the other hand, it is not a necessity if they find out that what you are interested in is swimming only.

Therefore, it is not always about preventing the negatives or having them eliminated with particular legal actions. It also involves showing and possessing positive content on the internet. It enables one to have a desirable reputation online.


Seeking Damages Doesn’t Work, But Removal Does


Digital Identity Group does not seek to get compensations and damages only. There are numerous deficits in the law in this section. A lawsuit may fail to work or consume lots of time. The good thing is that if it is not in Google, the content does not primarily exist. Therefore Digital Identity Group focuses on takedown, removal and future control and protection.


They also help fill the web with positive content to replace the removed materials. The firm ensures that a consumer’s story together with a professionally published biography shows up and governs their profile. It can either be five or ten things about the individual or company. They write information after consulting the client. They then push the positive content to top page while deleting the negative reviews.


How Much Work Is Reactive or Proactive


Most clients visit Digital Identity group with a huge problem. The company thus advice clients to report early to avoid paying substantial charges. If clients communicate early, they may incur only $500 compared to $10,000 that they may suffer if they report late to eliminate the situation.


What People Can Do To Secure Their Online Reputation


If you have faced such issues, it is essential for you to have it solved right away. The legal audit team of Digital Identity Group provides clients with consultancy for defining if they can help them completely remove the content or take advantage of other ready solutions. Users can learn more about these details at