When Is a Personal Injury Lawyer Necessary?

When is a personal injury lawyer necessary? After a car accident or wrongful death claim? You’ve probably been thinking about it for some time now. After all, a personal injury Grand Prairie, TX attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. Here are some reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer. These cases are often complex, and it’s important to retain an attorney who knows the ins and outs of personal injury law.

Why you should hire a personal injury lawyer after a car accident?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a smart move if you have been involved in a car accident. A personal injury lawyer could build a case and negotiate a higher settlement if the other party was responsible for your injuries. They know how to protect your rights and the law to help you obtain full compensation for your damages. A car accident attorney can also negotiate on your behalf to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Your attorney can also help you file a lawsuit against the responsible party. A personal injury lawyer can remind an insurance company of its duties under the New York Insurance Law. An insurance company can be less than honest with its clients, so hiring a lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve. If you have a minor injury, you might be hesitant to hire a personal injury lawyer, but most work on contingency, which means that you will only pay them if they win your case.

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you should know that they have substantial experience in this field. You can trust them to do a thorough investigation, gather evidence, and develop a legal strategy to maximize your recovery. Most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation, and their fees are based on the amount they recover. They charge between 33% to 40% of the compensation they obtain for you.

Why you should retain a personal injury lawyer after a wrongful death claim?

If you or a loved one has died in an accident due to the negligence of a third party, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim. Although Illinois’ wrongful death settlements are not taxable, punitive damages and interest payments may be. You should contact an attorney to learn more about the process. A wrongful death settlement is a right way to recover compensation for the loss of your loved one.

If a wrongful death claim is successful, it may be possible to seek compensation from the insurance company for losing a loved one. Unfortunately, many wrongful death cases are complicated because the liable party may attempt to avoid paying for the loss of a family member. A wrongful death attorney has the experience and knowledge to prove your case. The length of a wrongful death claim depends on the type of case, the number of defendants, the insurers, and the likelihood of a successful trial. For instance, if the wrongful death claim is simple and involves only one party, it could be settled before filing a personal injury lawsuit.

When to hire a personal injury lawyer after a wrongful death claim?

Wrongful death can occur in a variety of situations. The death may result from negligence or recklessness, and survivors may wonder who is responsible for the fatality and whether they can recover compensation. Seattle wrongful death lawyers can help you through this difficult time. 

Insurance companies often refuse to pay fair compensation. Most people assume they should be reimbursed for their expenses when they pay their insurance premiums. Unfortunately, insurance companies’ primary objective is to make as much money as possible. It is why some attempt to obtain settlement offers that are far lower than the expenses. Some people may accept these offers to end the dispute. But hiring a personal injury lawyer will make the process easier and alert the insurance company to your legal knowledge.

Hiring a wrongful death attorney is a good idea if you’ve lost a loved one. A wrongful death claim in New York typically involves administrative work. Families don’t want to spend hours filling out legal documents. A wrongful death lawyer can help you make smart decisions. They can also provide a lot of guidance and advice to help you move forward.

What You Need to Know About Employment Law Attorney

An employment lawyer’s duties are to protect the employer and employee’s interests. An employment lawyer can help both sides with labor disputes and employee complaints. In addition to providing legal counsel, an employment lawyer can also assist in organizing unions and advising the employer on their rights and efforts. When seeking the services of an employment lawyer, contact one as soon as possible to protect your rights and interests like an employment attorney Jacksonville FL. Delay in seeking legal advice can prevent you from successfully proving your employer’s misconduct or recovering any damages. Further, time limits apply when asserting your rights, so if you do not act fast enough, you may forfeit your claim.

Duties and responsibilities of an employment lawyer

The duties and responsibilities of an employment lawyer are not limited to litigation. They also advise employers on workplace policies, procedures, and compliance with employment laws. In addition, they protect employers from lawsuits and represent them before administrative boards and state and federal courts. While these duties may seem straightforward, they require specific skills and qualifications to succeed. A lawyer must be persistent and flexible to perform their job effectively. The following are some of the essential duties of an employment lawyer.

An employment lawyer’s main duties include providing legal advice to employees regarding their rights and responsibilities while at work. In addition, they represent employees in wrongful termination claims and other workplace disputes. These attorneys also represent employers in court, advise clients, and gather documents related to the cases they represent. The duties and responsibilities of an employment lawyer are extensive. Here are just a few. But don’t forget to take these tasks seriously.

Benefits of consulting an employment lawyer

Hiring an employment attorney can help you avoid legal troubles. Employment law attorneys specialize in assisting businesses to avoid litigation and protect their legal interests. They have a trained eye for details, so they’ll know what to look for in documentation to avoid potential legal issues. Aside from protecting your company’s reputation, an employment lawyer will ensure that your business adheres to current employment laws. Here’s why hiring a legal representative may benefit you:

Hiring an employment lawyer is an excellent idea for companies that face employee complaints or labor disputes. They are experienced in defending the employer’s interests and safeguarding its interests. They’ll also know how to navigate complex personnel systems, including payroll systems, performance management software, timekeeping, compensation plans, and benefits programs. Regardless of your industry, hiring a qualified employment lawyer is essential to protecting your business. In defending your company’s interests, an employment lawyer will also advise you about union rights.

Duty to protect employee’s rights

In California, an employment law attorney’s duty to protect an employee’s rights is a fundamental responsibility. Therefore, in addition to helping an employee protect their rights, and employment law attorney can also assist in a claim involving an employer’s failure to meet a reasonable accommodation. For example, if an employee is discriminated against because of their age, race, or gender, an employer is required by law to accommodate the employee’s request for reasonable accommodations. This means that an employee who has been impacted by discrimination may be able to bring a claim against the company for wrongful termination.

Duty to protect employer’s interests

There are several ways to protect an employer’s interests, including a duty of loyalty. For example, suppose an employee is secretly competing with his or her employer or helping a competitor in his or her business. In that case, that person may have violated the duty of loyalty. Another way to enforce a duty of loyalty is to prevent an employee from using trade secrets, confidential information, or other proprietary information from a former employer. In most cases, the duty of loyalty applies only while the employee is working for the company. Still, it can extend beyond the time period that the employee worked for the company.

A duty of loyalty to an employer can arise in various circumstances. It may be an employee who steals confidential information from a former employer. A breach of duty of loyalty can result in criminal prosecution. An employee who has stolen trade secrets may be responsible for causing the company harm. If this happens, an employer may sue the employee for damages, including lost wages or property damage.

5 Things a Family Lawyer Can Do For You

The following are just a few of the many things a family law attorney can do for you. If you need legal help, follow these tips to make the process smoother. Before you decide to get a divorce, sit down with your partner and have a heart-to-heart. Try to cooperate as much as possible and agree to compromise when possible. Remember that you don’t have to give in to everything your spouse wants; you have to be willing to compromise.

Advice from a family law attorney

Hiring a family law attorney is an excellent idea if you’re going through a divorce. An attorney will provide you with advice and counsel on your specific case, but they’ll also help you understand the process and give you tips for negotiating. Many lawyers offer one-on-one counseling as well as divorce advice. If you’re planning to file for divorce, you may want to contact a lawyer in Stockton for help.

Before choosing a family law attorney, consider your needs and your goals. Often, this type of case involves high emotions. Make sure your attorney understands these goals before hiring them, especially on legal family matters Oklahoma City, OK. Sometimes, your goals change depending on the facts of your case. However, your attorney will be able to make a plan that works for your current circumstances. By getting advice from a family law attorney, you’ll ensure that your case is handled in the best possible way.

Drafting a will

There are several reasons to hire a family lawyer to draft your will. While you can save money by crafting your own will, you may also inadvertently create more problems than you bargained for. For example, you might leave assets to people outside your immediate family, putting them at risk of being contested in probate. Therefore, hiring a family lawyer is necessary to ensure your estate plan is legally compliant.

Even if your estate is straightforward, a will needs to address important questions. The first step is to decide who will receive the assets. These beneficiaries can be family members, friends, charities, or even an institution. You may also want to name a trustee if you leave money to minor children. It is essential to discuss these concerns with a family lawyer before finalizing your will, so there are no disputes in the future.

Mediating marital disputes

If you and your spouse have difficulty resolving marital disputes, mediation may best determine your differences. By bringing in a mediator to handle the process, you can let your spouse know your feelings and concerns without the added stress of a judge. A trained mediator can help you decide on a solution and make it less likely to need a judge’s intervention. In addition to this, it will encourage open communication between the parties.

If you and your spouse are unwilling to negotiate, mediation may not be the best option. For example, if one of you has a history of deceit, the other spouse will likely have an unfair advantage in the mediation process. Success is honesty, so make sure you tell the truth and play by the rules. Trying to hide something from the other party may also lead to a stalemate.

Resolving property division issues

When seeking legal help with your divorce, you should consider contacting a family law attorney to help you resolve property division issues. A family lawyer can help you with these issues and navigate the court system to ensure that you get the most favorable outcome possible. In addition, a family lawyer can help you create a more robust property division proposal and gather evidence of separate ownership, if necessary. You should also consider how long you will need the attorney’s services and whether you can afford a high-quality lawyer.

Helping with child custody

While the children may live with one parent full-time, they may also spend time with the other parent. For example, in divorce cases, the parents will typically share physical and legal custody, which refers to the amount of time each parent has with the children. On the other hand, joint legal custody involves a shared decision-making responsibility, such as the children’s education. Most of the time, the child usually lives with both parents, while sole physical custody is for the child to live with one parent more than 50 percent of the time.

A court order gives one parent-specific custody and visitation rights. If the other parent fails to adhere to the order, the complaining party may file a petition to change it. The court can also impose sanctions on a party not complying with the order. Whether or not the judge approves the agreement will depend on the case. A DIY Form program can be used to draft a petition to the Family Court, if necessary.

What Are the Importance and Use of Notary Public Seals?

A notary seal or stamp symbolizes an official who specializes in notarization. Traditionally, notaries used seals on their documents to prove they were a notary. Today, seals are often referred to as embossing seals. Notaries use this type of seal to prove they are notaries and can be used similarly.

Notary stamp

The seal and stamp are easily recognized symbols of a notary public’s office. The notary public seals are affixed to sensitive and important documents. A notary stamp must be a high-quality device that produces clean, legible impressions and contains the required information. Notary stamps are available in different shapes and sizes. Some are rectangular, while others may be circular. The shape and size of a notary stamp are determined by the state where the Notary Public works.

A notary stamp is a vital tool for a notary public. This stamp must be pre-inked to avoid being confused with other official papers. It should include the required state information and not be distributed at random. Besides being essential tools, notary stamps are also a convenient way to keep track of past documents. A pre-inked stamp may be all you need if you’re on a tight budget.

Notary stamps are used to authenticate the notary’s signature. Unlike rubber stamps, notary stamps contain the commission information and the notary’s name. Despite this, many new notaries are not certain of the differences between these two supplies. There are some key differences between the two. An embossed seal can be used to document notarization, while a notary public can only use a stamp in a state that requires it.

Notary seal

When notarizing documents, the Notary Public must stamp the document with their notary public seal. The notary seal is an impression of a stamp or crimping embosser that authenticates the notary’s signature and makes it official. It also identifies the Notary Public by the commission and is very difficult to copy. Many new notaries are confused about the differences between notary supplies and stamps.

Notary public seals are extremely important for notarization. Notarizing a document without a seal could question its provenance and invalidate its official status. It would also delay and jeopardize the process. Once notarization is complete, the notary public must dispose of or return the seal they have received. Therefore, it is not unusual for the seal to be used repeatedly.

It is important to note that a notary cannot sign notarized documents if they are not legible. Therefore, a notary seal with an incomplete or expired date may lead to a document’s rejection or a notarial certificate that is not legible. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that the notary seal is visible to all readers. Therefore, a notary public needs to have a notary seal with him.

Notary embossing seal

The notary public embossing seal is an important part of a notary public’s professional equipment. They provide a high-quality impression and can be customized with personal information or state regulations. In addition, they can meet state regulations regarding seal sizes and weight. The notary seal should be rectangular or circular and one to two inches long. The seal must be legible and reproduce the notary’s name, the county they live in, and the state in which they were commissioned. The seal should be used in conjunction with an indelible ink pad.

How to Choose the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a criminal defense attorney. First, make sure you choose one with a good track record and ask about their education and trial experience. You should also find out how long they have been practicing law. Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to choose a criminal defense attorney. In the end, you should trust your gut and choose the lawyer that suits your specific needs.


Look for a lawyer with trial experience.

Trial experience is critical when facing a criminal charge. While many criminal cases are resolved through plea bargains, some do not. A criminal defense attorney with a track record of success should understand and be confident to take your case to trial. They should also have the skills to research and investigate the case thoroughly. If necessary, they should be willing to try the case, which could result in acquittal.

A criminal trial can be expensive and time-consuming, so hiring a lawyer with trial experience is important. Although the best outcome is a plea bargain, it is always possible for a case to go to trial. An attorney’s experience in negotiating plea deals will help them determine the most favorable alternative resolution without a trial. In addition, a criminal defense attorney with trial experience will know how to make the case more compelling to the prosecutor and court.

In addition to trial experience, a criminal defense lawyer should have a background in an investigation. Experienced attorneys can investigate the case, presenting evidence of innocence or refuting evidence presented by the prosecution. Moreover, they have the necessary resources to evaluate expert witnesses. It is also important to note that reading a book cannot guarantee a successful defense. Experienced lawyers know the vast difference between reading a book on a topic and practicing it in court.


Ask about their education.

When interviewing a prospective criminal defense attorney, ask them about their educational background, including what law school they went to and whether they specialize in it. If they have experience in criminal defense, that’s even better. Also, ask them about their billing options and how they plan to manage your case. Criminal defense attorneys who specialize in the field are typically better at their job, as they have spent more time working on it.

To become a criminal defense attorney, you’ll need to attend law school. Ensure the school you choose is accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) or state bar authority. Admission requirements will vary from school to school but typically require high LSAT scores, undergraduate transcripts, work experience, letters of recommendation, and a personal interview. Getting the education of a criminal defense attorney is an integral part of ensuring that you receive the best possible representation for your case.

Criminal defense attorneys need to have a bachelor’s degree to practice in court. Although many law schools do not offer undergraduate law majors, there are pre-law tracks that prepare students for law school. A pre-law internship in a public defender’s office is a great way to build your reputation in criminal defense and hone your skills. Training in a public defender’s office is also beneficial as it involves working with public defenders and going to court.


Ask about their trial record.

When choosing a criminal defense attorney, it is crucial to understand what type of crime the lawyer has handled. For example, if you have been charged with an assault or battery, you need to find an attorney who has experience with this charge. Most lawyers will list what types of cases they take on their websites, so it is easy to identify what kind of case you are dealing with. In addition, make sure to ask the attorney how many cases fall into each category.

A criminal trial is a stressful, expensive, and time-consuming process. Your fate rests with the judge, and choosing the right lawyer is crucial to your defense. A lawyer with a good trial record will give you a better chance of winning your case. Also, a criminal trial is a complex process, and it is critical to hire an attorney with a good trial record like a criminal defense lawyer Los Angeles ca.

When choosing a criminal defense attorney, it is vital to find one who has a good reputation in the community. If you know someone who has had a similar situation, ask them if their lawyer was good or bad. If they had a bad experience with a lawyer, cross them off the list. If you liked the lawyer, then congratulate them. Ask another lawyer if you don’t think they are a good fit for you.

Things To Consider When Looking for an Attorney

Today, there are many options to choose from when seeking legal advice. Each law firm has its pros and cons, and each may specialize in different circumstances. It is essential to research multiple firms to see which best fits your needs. But what are the things that you should consider when looking for the right fit? Here are a few considerations.

Areas of Practice

One consideration should be the area of practice of the law firm. If you have a criminal matter, you want to look for a criminal defense lawyer Lynnfield MA. Finding an attorney specializing in environmental law, may not be the best option. Other areas of practice are family law, bankruptcy, and business law.

Fee Process

Know your budget. The budget matters because each firm will have a different fee schedule based on your situation. If your case is simple and requires little time, don’t choose the most expensive attorney in the area. Check for additional fees, such as court fees.

Connection and Accessibility

You should feel comfortable and have a connection with your attorney whether you have a small or large issue. This will help ensure the communication is open and honest. Also, your attorney should have time for your case. If you have a question, they should be available to answer it in a timely fashion.

Reviews and Complaints

Before meeting an attorney, check out their reviews. Read them to make sure each is valid regardless of whether it is a positive or negative review. The bar association website is another tool that you can use to determine if there are any malpractice issues or complaints made against an attorney.

Findings an attorney can take a little research. However, the time spent investigating your options is well worth your effort. It is important to work with someone who meets your specific needs.

4 Important Estate Planning Factors

It’s never too early to start estate planning. In fact, the earlier you begin, the more options you’ll have and the easier it will be to make choices that reflect your wishes. There are many factors to consider when estate planning, but four of the most important are listed below.

The Type of Estate You Have

The first factor to consider is the type of estate you have. If you have a small estate, you may not need to do much estate planning California. However, if you have a larger estate, you’ll need to take more steps to ensure that your assets are protected.

Your Wishes for the Distribution of Your Estate

The second factor to consider is your wishes for the distribution of your estate. You may want to leave everything to your spouse, or you may want to divide your assets among your children. You may also want to set up a trust to provide for your grandchildren.

The Age and Health of You and Your Spouse

The third factor to consider is the age and health of you and your spouse. If you are young and healthy, you may not need to do much estate planning. However, if you are older or have health problems, you’ll need to take more steps to ensure that your assets are protected.

The Financial Situation of Your Heirs

The fourth factor to consider is the financial situation of your heirs. If your heirs are financially secure, you may not need to do much estate planning. However, if your heirs are facing financial difficulties, you’ll need to take more steps to ensure that they are taken care of. Estate taxes can be a major burden for heirs, so it’s important to plan for them in your estate planning.

Estate planning is an important process that everyone should go through. By taking the time to plan ahead, you can ensure that your assets are protected and that your heirs are taken care of.

What To Do if You’re Heavily Indebted

Incurring heavy debt is a lot easier to do than some people might think. When it comes to money, there are so many ways in which things can go wrong for people, and it’s not always down to irresponsibility. They might have no access to insurance and become terribly ill, requiring them to pay exorbitant amounts of money in medical bills. Similarly, someone without insurance in their family might become ill instead, requiring the same. A person might lose their job and accrue debt to cover basic necessities while searching for new employment. Whatever the reason people get in debt is, these are some of the solutions available to them.

Hire Legal Representation

If you’re so in debt that you can’t possibly cover your monthly credit card bills, you might need to hire legal services Scranton PA to help you find an adequate solution. A legal professional with the appropriate expertise to represent you in such a situation can provide you with several options for your predicament. They might be able to help you refinance some or all of your debt, for example. Conversely, if you’re in way too deep for even that to be of help, they can help you file for bankruptcy and get your debt forgiven.

Don’t Be Afraid of Debt Collectors

If you’re behind on your credit card or other payments and being contacted by debt collectors, the good news is that you don’t need to be afraid of them because your lawyers can help you in this area as well. This is because there are certain rules and regulations that collectors have to follow. Your lawyer will make sure that they are behaving appropriately under the law.

Being heavily in debt doesn’t have to be the end of your world. With the right help, you can overcome this burdensome situation.

hy a Will is Essential Even if You’re Not Wealthy

Many people believe that having a will is only necessary for the ultra-wealthy; however, nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that almost everyone could benefit from having (and keeping updated) this vital legal document. From ensuring your grandmothers’ treasured vintage wedding rings or your uncles’ rare arrowhead or antique coin collection get passed down to the desired recipients, a valid legal will is all the assurance you need. So, if you’re one of the many folks who believe that only people with an extensive array of lucrative assets benefit from having a will, read on to learn why that’s not the case. A legal will is essential even if you’re not wealthy for the following reasons:   

You Decide Who Gets Custody of Your Minor Children

Who will raise your children If the unthinkable happens and you are no longer around? Drawing up a legal will allows you to state your wishes and determine who gets custody of your little ones (including pets) if you are no longer able. If your choice of caregivers is not legally binding (and without a will, it’s not), they could end up in foster care, a ward of the state, and no one ever wants that. If you’re researching reputable probate lawyer services Ponte Vedra Beach FL ask about their experience dealing with these issues.  

Allows You to Choose Who Takes Possession of Your Chosen Assets   

You’ve probably figured out to whom you wish to pass along your treasured items, but there could be issues without a will. Undoubtedly, the last thing you want is infighting among your family members over any of your possessions. A legal will ensures that your assets go directly to whomever you choose, and having a will alleviates anxiety over any such potential matters.

As you can see, you don’t have to be wealthy to benefit significantly from having a legal will.      


Situations When You Might Need To Hire an Attorney

You can handle matters such as a parking ticket on your own, but other areas are more challenging, and you’ll require expert help. Here are situations when you need an attorney.

You’re Sued

If someone sues you for a large amount of money, obtain legal counsel. Even if the matter is settled without a trial (and most cases are), you must have the help of a professional. Rest assured, the other guy will have representation, and you could lose big time if you don’t have good counsel on your side.

You’re Arrested for Drunk Driving

A charge of driving under the influence is no joke. You could face a stiff fine, lose your right to drive or even face jail time. Don’t wait. Contact a criminal defense attorney Amarillo TX to get representation right away.

You’re Entangled in a Bitter Divorce

If you don’t have much property and your split is amicable, then you probably won’t need an attorney. Things are different, however, if you have a house, some large assets or children. In such cases, look for the best representation you can find. You can’t afford to lose a business you worked hard to build or, worse, be cut off from child visitations.

You’re Injured on the Job

Serious injuries on the job often necessitate both medical assistance and paid time off to recover. Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to provide these necessities, but some large businesses will deny your claim the first time around, knowing some claimants aren’t up to the fight. Hire an attorney, and you’ll be sure to get the help you need.

Whatever legal challenge you face, weigh both the benefits and detriments of what could happen if you don’t hire proper representation. If the risks include loss of crucial income or jail time, you should always hire an attorney.

Your Guide to Essential Tax Strategies

Taxes are a necessary part of life, but they can also be very confusing. Taxes can be a major financial burden for people who don’t know how to plan for them. That’s why it’s important to learn about tax planning strategies and how to use them to your advantage. This article will provide a guide to help you get ahead financially.

Have a Plan

When it comes to tax planning Souderton PA, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, you should always try to minimize your tax liability. This means taking advantage of any deductions or tax breaks that you may be eligible for. Second, you should always plan for the future. This includes putting money away into retirement accounts and other savings vehicles. Finally, you should stay up to date on tax changes and updates. This way, you can keep your tax plan current and maximize your tax savings.

Understand Your Tax Bracket

The tax code in the United States is incredibly complicated, and it can be difficult to understand what tax bracket you fall into. Your tax bracket is determined by your taxable income. This is the income that is subject to federal taxes. The tax brackets are determined by the tax rates, and these tax rates are applied to your taxable income.

Know What Tax Records to Keep

One of the most important aspects of tax planning is knowing what tax records to keep. This can be a daunting task, but it’s essential to staying organized and keeping track of your tax liability. Keep track of all income sources. This includes wages, investments, and other sources. Keep track of all expenses including business expenses, charitable donations, and other tax-deductible expenses. You should also keep track of any tax-advantaged accounts like retirement, health savings, and other investment accounts.

Following this guide will help you get started on tax planning so that you can reduce your tax liability and save money.


28 February 2022



Today, 28 February 2022, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela H.E. Nicolás Maduro Moros, addressed the President and the Committee Members of the 49th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council.

In his speech, the President spoke of the physical assaults and violation of human rights used against the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, who was illegally extradited to face charges of money laundering in the U.S. from Cape Verde on 16 October 2021.

The President highlighted that “Ambassador Alex Saab was illegally kidnapped in June 2020 in Cape Verde while on an official mission to bring food and medicine to Venezuela. On October 16, 2021, he was kidnapped by a group of U.S. military personnel and illegally taken from Cape Verde to the state of Florida.”

This is a powerful endorsement from the government of Venezuela in support of its Special Envoy, and will underline in an emphatic way that Alex Saab retains the full and unqualified support of President Maduro and his colleagues.

President Maduro went on to comment on the ruling of the leading West African human rights court which twice ruled that Alex Saab must be freed and the extradition process against him be terminated “Despite the clear and categorical ruling of the Court of ECOWAS (the Economical Community of West African States), which ordered his immediate release. His diplomatic immunity, his human rights and his own physical integrity were cruelly and systematically violated. His trial in a U.S. court is plagued by serious flaws and aberrant distortions.”

The President ended his remarks highlighting the key role to be played by Alex Saab in the Mexico Dialogue between his government and the Venezuelan opposition by saying “By the end of 2021, Diplomat Alex Saab was appointed an official and permanent representative of the Venezuelan Government at the Dialogue Table in Mexico. The Dialogue table between the constitutional government which I preside over, and the different sectors of the Venezuelan opposition.

Consequently, his second kidnapping and his illegal extraction to the United States was a deliberate and cruel blow to the development and continuity of the dialogue and peace process taking place in Mexico.”