Car accident claims And The Law

When you or a loved one is involved in a road traffic accident, the aftermath can be terrifying. You might be recovering from serious physical injury, while facing the mounting paperwork of an insurance claim. If you are unable to work, engage in day to day activities or care for your family, the prospect of a legal claim can be overwhelming.

We are Personal injury solicitors specialising in car accident claims see our site at for road accidents, our goal are to make things easier. When you come to our firm, you will know you are not alone. You will be assisted by a team of people who can lead you through the sometimes complex legalities of a car accident.

We know how challenging this time can be-especially with physical injuries and ailments-which is why we are here to assist you. When you enlist our legal services, you can rest assured knowing we will provide compassionate and caring support every step of the way. Our goal is to help you obtain the compensation you need to enjoy a smooth recovery.

Road traffic accidents can result in serious damage and injury. Many individuals suffer from medical complications, forcing them to take time away from work or family. With many accidents happening every year it is likely that you or someone you know will be involved in a serious accident. When this happens, it is crucial that you enlist legal representation right away.

Over the last decade, the law has become exceedingly complex. There are restrictions to the right to sue, strict time limits, which must be complied with and various steps that must be taken as a pre-condition to bringing a claim. In addition, one must navigate through a complex set of Regulations and Forms. At the same time, insurance companies defend these claims vigorously and scrutinize the legitimacy of your claims in an adversarial system.

There are other complicating factors, which have to be dealt with by an experienced personal injury solicitor. These include situations where the “at fault” driver is unknown, as in a hit and run accident, or where you are injured by a driver who does not have insurance or is not adequately insured to cover the losses you and your family have suffered.

Our team of experienced trial personal injury solicitors and legal support staff have the expertise and proven track record of success to ensure that you and your family receive all the compensation you are entitled to under the law. We will always make every effort to resolve your claims out of court through forms of alternative dispute resolution, like mediation. However, if that is not possible, you will have the benefit of our many years of experience and expertise in taking your case to trial.