Buying Electronics

Where do you think it is better to buy electronics: in Europe or USA? There are many aspects to consider, but the most important aspect is the price, and if we look at the price, USA has a lot lower prices. Many claim that this is due to the fact that dollar is not worth a lot anymore; however, what is important is that this makes buying products in USA very attractive. If you compare prices of electronics, then you will see that often a computer for $X in America is going to cost €X in Europe. The same rule often applies to software as well. Since American dollar is worth a lot less than euro, it is safe to say that a lot of equipment costs 25% more in Europe. Currently dollar is worth 70 European cents, so think twice before buying expensive equipment is Europe. As a matter of fact, it might be cheaper to buy a ticket to USA in order to do some shopping. Of course, the exchange rates are constantly changing so it is hard to say how the situation will look like in a few years. Nonetheless, at the moment electronic equipment in USA is a lot less expensive due to the lower value of dollar.