Building a Stand-Out Small Business Strategy

People value small businesses. Small businesses hold sway over customers that’s disproportionate to their size or their service. People will go out of their way to support the small businesses they know and love. They mourn when those businesses go away. That doesn’t mean that small businesses don’t struggle. As a small business owner, you spend a lot of time thinking about how you can stand out, not just among small businesses but even against larger companies.

DIY Professionalism

One thing your small business can do to set itself apart from other small businesses and allow you to punch well above your weight is to set and maintain a certain level of professionalism. Obviously, you won’t hold yourself to the same standard that a large company with infinite money and lots of investors, but you can do a lot of that yourself. You can show our customers how much you care about your product and their business with a professional demeanor, solid customer service, and professional branding on your packaging and tamper proof bottles.


One thing that sets small businesses apart from large businesses is honesty. Big companies are bound to have secrets simply because of their size. Customers who shop at big businesses know full well that the company’s practices may be unethical, that’s why they prefer to shop at small businesses; they know what they’re getting. Embrace that transparency. As a small business owner, your reputation is more than just a point of pride or honor. It’s a selling point.

Relationship Building

Having a good reputation for transparency and professionalism allows you to build a relationship with your customer base. Big companies have long tried with only mixed success to build relationships with their customers. From advertising pushes to social media accounts, these efforts often feel hollow and fall short when they come from big business. The greatest tool you have as a small business has is your relationship with your customers.

Supporting small businesses is a no-brainer; you get better products, better service, and a clearer conscience. Setting a standard of professionalism and integrity for yourself and your small business will help you compete not only with your fellow small businesses but also with the big businesses that are always trying to poach your customer base. You have something those businesses don’t have: You have customers who love you and will fight for you because they know you and they trust you.